7 Best Drugstore Red Lipsticks – Long-Lasting and for Every Skin Tone

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    One of the most must-have beauty items in your makeup products is one of the best drugstore red lipsticks. Do you know why?
    Because wearing red lipstick gives the impression that you look expensive, bold, and put-together type of a woman.
    With that said, it’s time for you to get one if you haven’t already!
    Choosing a red lipstick is not an easy task, and it’s overwhelming because you want to wear the perfect red color shade that suits your skin tone and must be long-lasting, and doesn’t make your lips dry.
    But don’t worry,  I will help you here and lay out the best drugstore red lipsticks with the most high quality and designed for your skin tone specifically.
    Whether you have a fair skin tone, medium or dark, you will find what you look for in any drugstore.
    Yes, they are probably affordable, but also they are high in quality and have the perfect pigment that you desire.

    1 Important Tip for Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Skin Tone

    As you may know, red lipstick colors are available in many shades and finishes, so having an idea about your skin undertone want shades are best for you will help you decide on the perfect shade for the red lipstick you want to wear.

    If you don’t know what lipstick shade goes perfectly with your skin and makes you look glowy and radiant, then you have to determine your skin undertone color first, and that’s an easy task to do.
    Many methods help you determine your skin undertone, and the following test I find the easiest.
    First: ask yourself what jewelry color reflects well on your skin and makes it glowy? Silver gold or both?

    If you know what looks good on you already, then you can quickly determine your skin undertone color.

    If your answer is gold, then you have a warm skin undertone.

    But if silver looks better on you, then you have a cool skin undertone.

    And finally, if both gold and silver are perfect on you, you have a neutral skin undertone color.
    Check out the color chart to know more about color shades and what is best for your skin tone.

    If you are still struggling and unsure about the results, check out this post for more simple tests.

    By knowing your skin undertone, you will effortlessly pick the perfect shade of red lipstick that will add more glow to your skin.

    7 Best Long-lasting Red Drugstore Lipsticks

    1. Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink

    best drugstore red lipsticks maybillen

    This Maybelline deep red liquid lipstick is everything!

    It lasts for up to 16 hours, and it is transfer free which means that you can eat, drink and do whatever comfortably without being concerned that your lipstick will fade.

    Another thing that I admire about this lipstick is that it suits all skin colors because it is a deep red and gives a bit of brownish effect, which is perfect for all skin tones!
    Type: Liquid
    Shade Name: Voyager 
    Skin Tone: All skin tones
    Finish: Matte
    P.S they have many red shades that you might like more, so check them out here on Amazon.


    nyx red lipstick

    The NYX professional cruelty-free butter gloss is for lip gloss fans!
    It gives you a stunning glossy deep red shade that has medium to sheer coverage.

    The best feature of the NYX butter gloss is that it is non-sticky, smooth, and makes you have stunning soft kissable lips!
    Type: Liquid

    Shade Name: Red velvet

    Skin Tone: All skin tones

    Finish: Glossy and has medium to sheer coverage 
    They also have more red shads that you might like or suit better your skin tone so check them out here.

    3. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Made for All Lipstick, Red For Me

    red lipestick maybelline

    Are you still guessing what shade of red color is perfect on your lips?

    Well, forget about guessing with this gorgeous Maybelline red lipstick that is made for YOU!
    This Red lipstick is made and tested for all skin tones, making you buy it and wear it confidently.
    It is very smooth, contains a high pigment red color, and has a highly advanced formula containing honey nectar that makes your lips so soft.
    Type: Stick

    Shade Name: Red for me

    Skin Tone: For all skin tones

    Finish: Matte

    4. Wet n wild Mega Last High-Shine Lip Color

    What I like about wet n wild lipstick is its excellent formula.

    It is made of many natural nourishing ingredients that make your lips soft, hydrated, healthy, and most importantly, last longer, such as Mango Butter and Sunflower and Watermelon Seed Oils.

    Also, this lipstick is gluten, fragrance, and cruelty-free, so you can wear it on your lips without fearing any possible irritation.
    Finally, the wet n wild lipstick formula is buildable, which means that the more you apply it, the more pigment you get, which is fantastic because you get the opportunity to choose the shade that you desire!
    Type: Stick

    Shade Name: Fire-Fighting
    Skin Tone: It is buildable and available in more red shades that suit different skin types
    Finish: Glossy

    5. Lime Crime Velvetines Long-Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick

    lime crime best drugstore red lipsticks

    I’m so excited to write about this one because lime crime is my favorite makeup brand, and I can’t live without their red lipstick!
    I will try not to be biased, but seriously this is one of the best red lipsticks that I have ever tried!

    The pigment is so rich, and their vegan formula is so smooth 
    It gives you a perfect matte finish with a fresh vanilla scent that lasts very long and feels light.

    They have over five red colors that are in light and dark shades.

    Type: Liquid

    Shade Name: Brick Red

    Skin Tone: All skin tones

    Finish: Matte 
    P.S check out my top Amazon products under $ 10 post that I can’t live without; you will find lime crime in the list!

    6. COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Lip Color

    covergirl best drugstore red lipsticks

    Another drugstore red lipstick worth checking is the CoverGirl outlast all-day lip color is the EVER RED-DY color shade.
    It is a vibrant, shiny color that lasts you up to 24 hours, and its brilliant formula makes it smudge and transfer-proof!
    The COVERGIRL outlast all-day lip color pack consists of red lipstick and the topcoat that keep it moisturized and shiny.
    Type: Liquid

    Shade Name: Ever Red-Dy 
    Skin Tone: Perfect for all skin tones

    Finish: Vibrant 

    7. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour

    best drugstore red lipstick loreal

    The list must include one of the best drugstore red lipsticks, the well-known L’Oreal Paris makeup brand, which carries the perfect red lipstick shades for all skin tones.

    This formula’s unique because it contains many nourishing vitamins and ingredients such as omega3, vitamin E, and argan oil to moisturize the lips.

    Type: Liquid

    Shade NameBritish Red
    Skin Tone: Perfect for all skin tones

    Finish: Matte  


    Whether you prefer liquid, stick, matte, or shiny red lip gloss, you will find it on the list here.
    These are the best drugstore red lipsticks that last you longer, moisturize your lips, and look perfect on your skin complexion!

     No matter your skin tone, you will find the perfect shade for your lips that makes them pop and add more glow to your look.

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