17 Best Designer Tote Bags for Work of 2022 – Worth Investing

    designer tote bag
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    Best designer tote bags for work are WAY many, but what makes you decide which is better for you is your needs, things you carry, style, and budget.

    As you may know, designer brands are expensive, so you have to invest in a suitable bag that lasts for years and, most importantly, fill your needs.

    Tote bags are the most convenient to carry when going to work, running some errands, or even going to the beach.
    When choosing work bags, you should consider the fabric, color, and how spacious the bag is, of course, if it is suitable for your budget.
    Don’t get overwhelmed; I got you covered!
    In this post, you will find the latest designer tote bags for work for every occasion and affordable designer tote bags that you might like.
    These bags are so versatile, and you do not regret investing in any of them!

    15 Best Designer Tote Bags for Work

    1. Fendi Way Large Tote Bag

    fendi brown tote bag
    fendi way large tote bag

    When I bought my first designer tote bag from Fendi, it lasted me many years. You will never regret investing in Fendi bags, from personal experience.

    This Way Large tote bag can be your new designer bag for work because it is elegant and has a simple, practical color that matches any outfit you wear.

    It has a huge Fendi logo handle made of gold metal and only one pocket on the inside.

    Also, it is made from 100% calfskin inside and out, which is so soft and durable.

    This bag is available in three sizes: large, medium, and small, which are available in other colors, but since you are looking for suitable and best designer bags for work, you need a spacious bag to carry all your stuff, and the large size would be your best choice.

    COLORSBrown and Dark brown
    SIZELarge Height 13.3″ Depth 7″ Length 19.6″
    MATERIALMidcalf leather

    2. GOYARD Anjou GM Tote Bag

    Goyard, the well-known french luxury brand, is another option to consider when looking for an excellent designer tote bag for work.

    The Anjou GM bag is really cool and fun to wear because it is reversible, which makes you feel like you have two bags and never get bored carrying it over the years.

    This bag has two leather sides, one is a plain color, and the other is the Goyard monogram print.

    Also, It comes with a cute case that you can use for your makeup, cards, or any other stuff.

    This bag comes in 3 different sizes: GM, the largest, PM, the medium, and mini.

    COLORS11 Colors Black, Beige, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green,
    Blue, Navy, Burgundy, White, and Grey
    SIZELarge Height 11.8″ Depth7.87Length 15.7″
    MATERIALCalfskin Leather

    3. Gucci Diana Medium Tote Bag

    brown leather gucci

    If you are a Gucci fan, you should look at this stunning and iconic Gucci Diana medium tote bag.
    It is named after Princess Diana when it was her favorite tote bag to carry in the 90s.

    Gucci decided to give the bag a little more modern touch to be more trendy.
    It is designed with beautiful bamboo handles and removable leather belt shapers, which keep the handles in place.
    The Diana tote bag is available in different materials such as python,  crocodile, leather, and gorgeous colors.
    Also, it is available in 3 sizes which are mini, small, and medium.

    COLORSBlack, Brown, Beige, Blue, and other colors.
    SIZEMedium Height 11.8″ Depth 5.5.” Width 13.7″

    4. Best Laptop Tote Bags for Work: Louis Vuitton “ONTHEGO GM” Tote Bag

    One of the best designer tote bags for work is the ONTHEGO GM tote bag from the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton.
    Louis Vuitton has an excellent reputation for all their bags, ranging from luggage events and everyday use.
    The ONTHEGO GM comes in black-grained monogram imprinted black and brown monogram colors.

    What I like about this bag is that it is structured in a square shape, making it a versatile tote bag.

    You can put your laptop, office files, and other things you want and still look more elegant and expensive.
    It is available in 3 sizes Large “GM”, Medium “PM”, and Small “MM”.

    COLORSBlack and brown monogram
    SIZEGM Length 16.1″ Height 13.4″ Width 7.5″
    MATERIALCowhide leather

    5. Large Cabarock Croc Embossed Leather Tote
    by Christian Louboutin  

    laboutin tote bag
    tote bag

    Red bottoms are not related exclusively to shoes but also tote bags!

    Christian Louboutin’s French famous designer has a stunning large black tote bag lined with a gorgeous red interior.

    As you can see in the picture above, the tote bag’s handles are designed with signature spikes, and the bottom is designed with the designer logo, making the tote bag more stable and protecting it from any possible scratches.

    This bag is perfect for work and other formal events because it is made from shiny mock-croc leather and is spacious.

    COLORSBlack and Craie
    SIZELarge Width 15 1/2″ Height 12″ Depth  5 1/2″
    MATERIALMock-croc calfskin leather

    6. Saint Laurent “RIVE GAUCHE” Tote Bag

    best designer tote bags for work saint Lauren

    If you like to wear a more casual designer bag, check out the SAINT LAURENT tote.
    It is perfect for work and other casual occasions because it is made with high-quality linen and has leather handles.

    Also, it is available in many cool color combos that are cool and trendy.
    If you don’t know what “Rive Gauch” means and are interested in purchasing this tote bag, don’t worry, I got you!
    The rive gauche means “left bank,” a southern bank of the  Seine river in Paris where the saint Lauren opened his haute couture salon.

    COLORS5 Color combos: Black/White, Beige/Sea salt, Beige/ Water green, Creme/Black, and White.
    SIZEWidth 18.9″ Height 13.8″ Depth 2.8″

    7. Dolce & Gabana Large Fefè Shopper Bag

    dolce best designer tote bags for work
    dolce and gabbana tote bag

    The Dolce and Gabbana’s Fefè Shopper Bag is a classic and represents the brand’s signature: the leopard print lining and the golden logo on the front.
    It is perfect for you If you like to have a minimalist style, and also it suits many occasions besides work which makes it very useful and a timeless piece to use over the years.
    This bag comes in 3 sizes: Small, medium, and large. And in one color.
    Also, the bag comes with a cute little leopard case that you can use separately.

    SIZEL 22.8″ W 6.6″ H12.9″
    MATERIALCalfskin leather

    8. Valentino Grain Leather Rockstud Bag

    Another simple and classic designer bag worth checking out is the Valentino Rockstud tote bag.
    It is so elegant and embellished with elegant little metal platinum studs.
    Also, it has a zipper pocket from the inside and comes in only one size.
    This bag doesn’t have a strap, but the handles are pretty long, making it comfortable to wear if you don’t carry heavy stuff.

    COLORSPoudre, saddle brown, and black
    SIZELarge W 18.9″ H 10.8″ D 4.9″
    MATERIALCalfskin leather

    9. Channel Large Shopping Bag

    tweed shopper bag
    leather channel tote bag

    If you want to get fancy, look no further than Channel, the most iconic fashion brand in the world.
    They have this cool large shopping bag available in stunning tweed fabric, which is CHANNEL signature material, and leather with a little case.
    Also, it has a long strap made of leather and gold metal.
    The tweed tote is so exotic and is available in only beige color, and the leather is available in black and pink, designed with a colorful logo on the front.

    COLORSbeige, black, and coral pink
    SIZE W11.7″ H 19.5″ D 8.6″
    MATERIALTweed and leather

    10. Loewe Anagram Tote Bag

    LOEWE has one of the best designer tote bags for work because the Anagram tote bag is beautifully handmade in pain, structured, comes in classic colors, and has different sizes, mini, small, and medium.
    The bag is made from leather, even the lining, which holds its shape and protects your things.
    Also, it comes in stunning jacquard fabric.

    COLORSEcru/Tan, and tan
    SIZEH 11.8″ W 12.8″ D 6.9″
    MATERIALJacquard/Calf, and calfskin leather
    HANDLE DROP16 – 25 cm

    11. Mony Tote Bag by Chloé

    best designer tote bags for work from chloe

    The new Mony collection shows how fine Chloe’s craftsmanship is, whether in ready-to-wear clothing or bags.

    If you are looking for the best designer tote bags for work that you can wear to the casual work environment and other informal occasions, this is for you!

    The brand new  Mony tote bag from Chole is made and stitched with soft, high-quality leather, adding more detailing and texture to the bag.
    It is made with soft leather and lined with suede fabric, and also it comes with a small dust bag.


    COLORSLight tan
    SIZE W 16.1″ H 11″ D 8.3″
    MATERIAL semi-aniline leather
    HANDLE DROP 11.8″

    12. MCM München Tote in Visetos

    The MCM tote bag is coated with a vistos monogram in two stunning colors, light brown and white.
    This bag is structured and has a spacious compartment where you can put everything you want.

    The little detailings are noteworthy: the 24k gold plated hardware, microfiber lining, and suede finishing.
    Also, it has a nice little pouch bag that you can use, which is so useful and practical.

    There are only two sizes of this bag which are: X large and large.

    COLORSCognac, and white
    SIZELarge W 12.2″ H 16.5″ D 6.3″
    MATERIALCanvas 100%

    13. Givenchy Tote shopper bag

    best designer tote bags for work Givenchy

    Givenchy coated canvas tote bag is the ideal tote bag to carry for work because of its simple design and classic colors, which are black and white.
    It is so helpful that you can wear it on the shoulder or with regular handles.
    Also, it has a gold plated finish and leather feet to keep it stable.

    SIZEMedium L14.6″ H10.2″ W 5.1″
    MATERIAL74% Cotton and other material canvas

    14. Burberry Large Monogram Motif Leather Tote

    best designer tote bags for work burberry

    Check out this stunning Burberry tote if you want a huge and simple spacious bag.
    It is designed with a gold metal logo on the front and made from leather.
    It doesn’t have shoulder straps, but the handle drop is pretty long, and you can wear it comfortably on your shoulder.
    You can have more color options other than black  but in medium-size such as brown and dark birch brown

    SIZEW 22.1″ H 6.3″ D 12.6″

    15. Salvatore Ferragamo GANCINI Tote Bag 

    BEST designer tote bags for work salvator ferragamo


    Salvatore Ferragamo, the high-end Italian brand, has a classic and edgy tote bag that is suitable for both work and other casual occasions.
    It has a metal plate on the front, which adds a touch of class to the bag.

    Also, it’s made from soft leather and includes a small leather removable pouch.

    SIZEH 11.4″ L 13.7″ W 5.9″
    MATERIALCalfskin leather
    HANDLE DROP10.2″

    16. Bayswater Mulberry Tote Bag

    best designer tote bags for work mulberry

    Looking for the best designer tote bag for work under 1000$?

    The Mulberry Bayswater tote bag is the most affordable designer tote bag for work on the list.
    It is made to fit your essential things from your laptop to your heels!
    Also, it is made with high-quality leather, suede lining, and gold metal lock.
    What I like about it is that it has a removable leather case to store your important items.

    What’s more, it is available in 11 gorgeous colors.

    COLORS Oak, black&white, black, black spongy patent,
    burgundy, charcoal, lawn green, green,
    pink, pale slate, khaki, and apricot 
    SIZEH 11¼” W 14¼/18¼” D 5″

    17. Versace LA MEDUSA Large Tote Bag

    It is Versace’s signature gold chain that makes to tote bag look more formal and expensive.
    If you are a businesswoman or work in a formal environment, this elegant tote bag would be the best for you.
    It is a structured bag that is made from 100% premium leather in Italy.
    Also, you have worn it on the shoulder or with drop handles as you like.

    This bag is available in medium and small sizes as well.

    COLORSBlack and white
    SIZELarge L 16″ W 6.6″ H 11.8″
    MATERIAL100% Leather


    These are the latest and best designer tote bags for work that are worth your attention.
    All of them are suitable for work and daily use and choosing what is best for you depends on your work environment and style.
    Whatever you pick, you will stand out and look fabulous.
    What is your favorite tote bag?

    best designer tote bags for work

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