Simple Tips to Rock Your Petite Athleisure Style in Winter

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    Athleisure style is a term that is getting popular lately in the fashion industry because of the pandemic effects on our lifestyle and habits.

    Many of us stay at home quarantined for a while, working online and spending the holidays with family.

    Therefore, our activities revolve around running errands, gathering, and chilling at our homes, which means that our style changes to accommodate this kind of lifestyle.

    Athleisure style is what you need to wear in your daily life. It is simple, easy, and effortlessly chic.

    So let me explain more what the heck does athleisure mean?

    The Athleisure word comes from athletic and leisure, which describes a sporty yet comfortable style.

    This style is not intended for a gym or any sports activities only, but also it is more suitable for hanging out during your day to many places such as café, brunch, shopping malls, etc.

    Also, it is not for attending formal events such as weddings or business meetings.

    What is the main feature of the Athleisure style?

    The main goal of this style is to be very functional and comfortable.

    How to wear an athleisure style?

    You can mix and match comfortable and fashionable fashion pieces together in one outfit to come up with the Athleisure style.

    Depending on where you are going and what style you feel comfortable with.
    Here are some examples of activewear and fashion pieces that you can choose from:

    Basic comfortable athletic pieces you can wear such as:

    1. Sport bra

    2. Sports legging, yoga pants, and sweatpants

    3. Sneakers

    4. Accessories such as a cap, sunglasses, and a backpack

    Fashionable items you can add to your athletic pieces examples:


    Leather jacket


    Knit Skirt




    Crossbody bag

    P.S These items that I mentioned above are just examples of outfit items, and you add more to these lists.

    Where to shop for Athleisure wear?

    There are many Athleisure brands; these are a few suggestions for petite women.

    Old navy
    Lulu lemon

    P.S I put a list of 25 clothing online and department store that has petite women sections to find your favorite fashion and activewear items.

    What makes a brand an Athleisure brand?

    Based on my research, any activewear brand that produces fashionable item pieces and regular activewear is called an Athleisure brand, such as LuLu Lemon.

    They have a stunning, comfortable collection. Check out this gorgeous neutral winter trench coat that goes with any activewear.

    Many more brands you check out here.

    Shopping tips for an Athleisure outfit in:

    1. Check your wardrobe first and check what pieces m shoes, accessories you are missing.

    2. Focus on comfy basics such as sweat pants, sweaters, and sneakers.

    3. Add few accessories such as a hat, baseball cap, or scrunchies.
    4.  Complement your look with fashionable items such as a cute backpack, trench coat, leather jacket, etc.

    Athleisure outfit ideas in winter for petite women

    The ideas are limitless when it comes to the Athleisure style.

    athliesure knit look
    Athleisure winter look

    Here are a few outfits that I would like to wear as petite women in winter:

    The best feature that I like about the Athleisure style is that it is very comfortable and chic at the same time.

    Best feeling ever when you go anywhere do your thing comfortably and looking elegant all the time! Do you agree?

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