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    As a petite woman and someone who is used to be a shopaholic and passionate about fashion, walking into clothing stores is my favorite thing to do for many reasons.

    The first one is that I get the opportunity to discover new clothing brands, and the second reason is that I had the opportunity to try out fashion pieces that might fit my petite body.

    I still remember when I walked into Alice and Olivia store at Melrose Ave six years ago.

    At that time, I never heard about the brand, so I just walked in out of curiosity as usual!

    I was impressed by the whole experience; the store decorations, the gorgeous clothes collection, accessories, and not to mention the fabulous customer service.

    Anyway, let me get to the most important thing to review: Alice and Olivia for Petites size review and everything you need to know about the brand.

    Alice and Olivia for petites blazer

    Alice and Olivia for Petites size review

    As a petite woman, before telling you that I am a big of this brand, I will give my honest review about how their clothing fits.

    Whether it is petite friendly or not, so you can have an idea about it and help you decide if you want to purchase from them or not.

    I have tried almost all kinds of their fashion pieces such as tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, Blazers, Dress, Sweaters, Evening dress, Cardigans, etc.

    I found out that I could find pieces that fit my size if only I try them!

    Because even size “0” in some pieces such as shorts and pants are not petite friendly whatsoever, it is better to check their size chart to know their size grading system.

    Is Alice and Olivia petite friendly brand?

    The short answer is NO, and the long answer to that is YES.
    Let me explain why.

    In my opinion, it is not a petite friendly brand because of these 3 reasons:

    1. It is not designed for petite figures.

    2. Finding pieces that fit you is not easy unless you try MANY pieces at their store.

    3. Ordering many pieces online is not convenient for some people because you might return all of them.

    So if you are obsessed with a brand like me, your best option is to try their clothes at the store to know what kind of pieces fit you.

    Also, in your next time, you might have a better idea of what kind of clothes that you can order online from them.

    Alice and Olivia black blazer dress

     I am in love with this black blazer dress that I bought a long time ago is in Size 0.

    What Is cool about any A-line silhouette is that it fits any petite body shape.

    Because of its simple style and this blazer, it has pleats from the back and has one button in the front, making it easy to alter the button’s place if you find it loose and want it to be tighter.

    It is made of crepe fabric, and you can feel its high quality and its impeccable tailoring.

    It also has built-in shoulder pads, which will add more width to my shoulders, and a V shape neckline that lengthens my torso.

    P.S If you have a short torso like me, check my post where I talked about eight ways on “how to dress & balance your short torso.”

    Alice and Olivia for petites

    How I like to accessorize a blazer dress? 

    I chose a gold layered chain necklace, and I wore semi-sheer tights and black pointed-toe shoes to compliment the look.

    I am more comfortable wearing tights instead of showing bare legs because I tend to have a more conservative style.

    Shoes and accessories

    They have an incredible variety of evening shoes, clutches, bags, yoga mats, iPhone / iPad cases, and many more and worth checking out because you will find those items in cool and unique designs.

    Please take a look at some of their cute accessories collection that you might like below.

    What are Alice and Olivia clothes are made of?

    Alice and Olivia’s brand uses many fabrics such as lace, crepe, wool, cotton, suede, denim, etc.

    Also, they have embellished and embroidered handmade pieces that gorgeous and unique.

    Is it a luxury brand?

    No, it is not a luxury brand but is defined as a women’s contemporary clothing brand.

    Is it sustainable?

    Based on my research, these are my findings of Alice and Olivia’s sustainability practices:

    1. According to good on you, a trusted source rates fashion brands whether they are ethical.

    Alice and Olivia have a “We Avoid” Rate. And this rating is given to any. Brand means that

    These brands disclose little to no relevant or concrete information about their sustainability practices. In some cases, the brand may make ambiguous claims that are unlikely to have a material impact”.

    2. They launch a capsule collection back in fall 2020 with a designer Daniel who is known for his zero-waste approach in designs.

    3. According to Ethicaloo, a brand’s resource that helps you make better decisions if you want to check any brand work ethics, Alice and the Olivia brand are not transparent about their sustainability practices.

    4. At Alice and Olivia website, the brand claims that they support sustainability in their work environment, recycled fabrics, and conative energy resources.


    The talented designer behind the brand 

    The founder and designer of Alice and Olivia are Stacy Bandet, who started the brand in 2002.

    I am obsessed with her unique vision,  design, and artistic way that she applied in her clothes and accessories.

    Her talent and unique touches, and creativity that she adds to her clothing collection increased the brand’s popularity, and now there are 38 stores worldwide.

    Alice and Olivia Price range

    The brand is expensive but not that crazy expensive.

    My strategy is always shop from them during black Fridays were you can find crazy items sales reductions and good deals that you do want to miss.

    My final thought about Alice and Olivia for petites review

    I hope that you have enough idea about Alice and Olivia for Petites review.

    For me, I love the brand. I am still a big fan and a regular customer of their fabulous colorful collection of clothes.

    For all petite women who like to wear different and special fashion items,  this brand is really nice, and it is worth checking out.

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