Hey Gorgeous!

    I am sooo HAPPY that you landed to my about me page!

    Let me introduce myself a little bit here quickly before I make you bored LOL

    I am Deem, a petite women , single and in love with everything beauutiful

    Blogging about fashion and beauty was always in my head, it comes and goes but I finally decided to just DO IT!

    My passion for fashion and beauty is always growing and I will not lie to myself anymore and pretend that focusing on a corporate boring job is the safest choice!

     As a petite woman, finding petite outfits or wondering about what fashion pieces will look best on my body type is a real struggle! I assume that you share the same feeling too!

    My goal is to grow a petite community , sharing our experiences, advice and expertise.

    That’s why I decided to start this not only because fashion is my passion but also, I want to provide the petite community with all information and resources regarding styling tips, petite brands, trends and dressing our struggles.

    Beauty and self-improvement are two main component that I believe complement fashion and style.

    That’s why I am also interested to blog about all these aspects.

    Thank you again for visiting my blog and I hope you will be a part of our community by signing up below 😉