9 fashion pieces you shouldn’t wear if you are petite

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    9 Fashion Pieces you Shouldn’t Wear if you are petite

     There are many fashion pieces you shouldn’t wear if you are a petite woman.

    Choosing the wrong items might make you look shorter, overwhelm your figure and mess up your body’s proportions.

    When you want to style your petite body, the main goal is to balance your body’s proportions, the upper and lower part, and wear what makes you look taller. 

    According to “the inside out” article, not all of us have an even body shape.

    Some of us have a short waist and long legs, where others have a long torso and short legs.

    That is why it is important to understand our body measurements and dress accordingly.

    Many of us are obsessed with the latest trends and excited to wear whatever is trendy, BUT not all of them are designed for our petite body frame, and that’s OKEY!

    The options are way more than you think, but what is more important is that you have to know what suits your body and what pieces look good on you. Then, you can decide how to style it in the right way.

    In my opinion, you should avoid the following 9 fashion pieces if you are a petite woman because they are hard to style, and they don’t look flattering on a tiny body frame.

    1. Capri Pants

    capri pants not for petite women

    Capri pants are pants that end anywhere below your knee to the mid-calf. It has different styles, such as flare, straight, wide, and tight.

    This kind of pant is not flattering on your petite body because it will shorten your legs. If you like to wear short pants, go for the cropped one that is above your ankle.

    It is very edgy and flattering.

    P.S mid-calf hemlines are a BIG NO for all petite body shapes.

    2.Mid-Calf boots

    mid calf boot that fashion pieces you shouldn't wear

    This kind of boot is really unattractive not only once you wear it it will shorten your legs, but also it will affect your whole body’s proportions!

    Try wearing ankle or knee-high boots for a more flattering look.

    They are very stylish, and they will make you appear taller.

    P.S. checkout this post for the most flattering boots on petite women

    3. Oversized bags

    fashion pieces you shouldn't wear lare bag

    Tote bags are my favorite because I can carry a lot of things all the time!

    These bags fall under the tote bags category. These bags that squared-shaped and available in different sizes.

    If you like it as I do, avoid extra-large sizes because it will look huge comparing to your body! Choose medium to small ones which will complement your look and don’t suit you.

    4. Clothing with long hemlines

    fashion pieces you shouldn't wear

    Dresses, skirts, pants, all clothes that are more than floor length are not attractive for short women.

    It will make you look shorter and overwhelm your figure.

    Instead, above the ankle and knee-high pieces will look gorgeous on you.

    5.Wild belt

    wide belt bag

    One of the fashion pieces you shouldn’t wear is Wearing a wide belt! because it will not define your waist because most of us petite women are short-waisted. Therefore, it will overwhelm your figure and cover your whole torso.

    Choosing thin skinny belts will not affect your body proportions balance and add nice details to your style.

    6. Wide Cuffs

    wide belt not for petite

    If you have perfect pants or jeans, it has one problem which is too long for you, and you want to fix that and make it shorter by folding it into a wide cuff, don’t do that! The reason why is that wide cuffs will shorten your legs and not flattering anyways!

    The only solution here is if you want these pants really bad, go to the tailor to alter them for you. But if the length is subtle, you can roll the hemline to make a thin cuff which is OK.

    7. Extreme High Heels

    high heels not for petite

    Heels vary in shapes and heights, starting from 1 to more than 20 inches.

    Avoid wearing high heels that are over 4 inches.

    According to the Live about the article, your body will look out of proportion when you wear very high heels. You will feel uncomfortable walking because of the pressure you put on your feet.

    8. Large Prints

    large print dress

    Large prints will get lost on your petite body and won’t get appropriately identified. Also, it will not look pleasant on the eye. It will overwhelm your figure, not like the small prints which will look very attractive on you.

    9. Chunky Heels

    These wedges with chunky heels every petite woman should avoid because it will be uncomfortable when you walk with them because the heels will be heavy, and you will put more pressure on your feet while walking.

    What’s more, they will look huge and not proportional to your legs’ shapes.

    In conclusion,

    If You think that this list is short and there are more missing clothing and accessories items, I didn’t mention them.  You are ABSOLUTELY right!

    As a petite woman, if I wear one of these fashion pieces, my body shape will be off-balance, and I will appear shorter than I am. Also, if I try hard to style these pieces, I will probably fail.

    In my opinion, all those fashion pieces you should not wear because they are hard to style and get away with on any petite women.

    On the other hand, the other items, Such as floor-length dresses, maxi pants, and wide-leg pants, etc., that I didn’t mention, are not for your petite body IF you don’t style them correctly.

    That’s why I wrote this blog post in the first place.

    To tell you that you have many clothing options, you might think that you cannot wear them because of your body frame, but that’s not true!

    You have the opportunity to explore and add more new clothing and accessorize items to your wardrobe.

    I will talk more about those pieces in coming posts and how you can pull them off on your petite body shape.

    Don’t be afraid; even if you think these pieces are not for you, the only way to find out is to try and experiment with new styles. 

    fashion petite women shouldnt wear

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