9 Beach Bag Essentials That Will Jazz Up Your Day

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    Summer is the hottest season, and whenever you hear the word “summer,” I am sure that many things pop up in your mind, like the beach, bikinis, pool parties, right?

    It is the season that I get excited about; Walking on the sand, enjoying the cold beach waves, eating my favorite snacks, and having fun the rest of the day with my friends or even alone.

    For me, what makes a perfect beach day, is having all that I need in my beach bag essentials.
    If you forget something, sometimes it will be a bummer because not all beaches have convenient stores or places to get what you want!
    Therefore, it is essential to have a beach bag essentials checklist to ensure that you have all your favorites products and things packed into your tote beach bag to have fun to the max!

    9 Beach Bag Essentials That Every Woman Should Have

    As women, we have a lot of stuff to carry with us, and we hate to forget anything because we care about our stuff so much! 
    So in order to make sure that you are good to go.
    Make sure to go through all these beach bag must-haves before you leave your home. 

    P.S This list contains the most important stuff that you need and not junk that adds more weight to your bag.

    1. Purpose

    Instead of listing millions of items here in this post, I figure that I name the first item to pack in your beach bag as a “purpose.”
    What I meant by purpose is that what is your goal when going to the beach?

    Are you going to meditate? Read a book? Listen to music? enjoy your time with your friends? Play games?
    Define your purpose to pick an item that you need when you go there

    2. Beach Tote Bag

    beach bag essentials

    First things first, a tote beach bag is the kind of bag that will fit all of your beach essentials, so invest in a good quality bag that is large in size.
    For me, I prefer to use a plastic one instead of fabrics so it will not get dirty from the sad or wet from any liquids.
    Look at this cute tote bag that is available in many colors.

    It is a beach bag is one of its kind! 
    large, waterproof, and suitable to many any outdoor hangouts 

    3. Beach Towels

    beach bag essentials towel

    Bring two of your own beach towel with you wherever you go.
    It is better for your hygiene, and you will feel more comfortable using your own, right?
    So bring one to dry up your body with and the other one to lay it over the sand or the beach chair.

    Check out this Microfiber Pool Beach Towel that I’m in love with already.

    – Available in different sizes and prints.

    – Sand free and dries fast.

    4. sunscreen for your face and body

    sunscreen for beach

    Whether you are white, black, or purple, all skin types are exposed to dangerous sun rays, especially from 10 AM to 4 PM, which is basically the time we will spend on the beach! 
    Therefore, it is essential to choose the best sunscreen that is designed for your skin type to protect your face and body.

    Neutrogena is the number one dermatologist-recommended suncare brand, and their Sheer Zinc Oxide Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion is my favorites go-to sunscreen. I cannot recommend it to you enough!

    There are man features that make me fell in love with it, such as:

    – Neutrogena lotion is a Two-In-One product! You can use it for your face and body.

    – It has a very Sheer layer, and this is a big deal for me! I really hate sunscreen with a white cast that makes me look like a ghost.

    – It has SPF 50.

     – It contains minerals, zinc oxide, and Purescreen Technology to absorb, reflect & scatter dangerous sun rays.

    – Excellent for sensitive skin because it is oil-free, fragrance-free, and damaging chemicals

     P.S Don’t miss their other best sellers of sunscreens that are designed for every skin type!

    5. Food, Snacks, and Drinks


    What is the point of going to chill somewhere beautiful with anything to chew, right?
    Bring your favorite snacks and prepare or pick up your delicious food ahead of time or pick up your favorite meal before heading to the beach.
    With that said, You need food containers to protect the food from spilling and ruining your stuff.

    Also, bring a separate bag for your drinks to keep them separated from the rest of your stuff

    6. Hat

    hat to put in beach bag essentials

    Wearing a hat is a must not because it compliment your beach outfit look but to protect your head from boiling and your face from burning under the sun.
    Choose one that will provide you will a good amount of coverage. 

    7. Portable Charger

    portable charger to beach

    You will spend long hours on the beach, and you don’t want your cell phone battery to die on you.
    So bring your portable charger and make sure that it is charged already!

    8. Insulated Water Bottle

    bottled water for beach bag essentials

    You want to be hydrated all the time and feeling refreshed.
    So invest in a good bottle of water that will keep your water cold for long hours.

    It is one of the best seller items on amazon because it will keep your drink cold or hot for up to one day.
    It has 3 extra lids that you can use.
    When you use it, you will not taste something like metal.

    finally, it is available in many cute colors and sizes that you can choose from

    9. Facial Water Spray

    facial water spray  beach bage essentials

    Use a  refreshing water spray from time to time To cool down your face.

    Evian water facial spray is “Amazon’s best choice,” and it will hydrate your skin with its water from the Alpes.

    Also, boosting your makeup and makes it look very fresh.

    Tips when packing your beach bag essentials 

    1. To enjoy your beach day, go over your beach bag essentials the day before so you can have a great time.
    2. Bring food that is easy to carry and clean up after, like sandwiches.

    Bottom Line

    You can always add more things to your beach bag, but those essentials are the basic and most important stuff that you need to enjoy your time. 
    What is the one must-have beach item that you can’t live without?

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