8 Turmeric Benefits For Skin : The best DIY Recipe

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    Before talking about turmeric benefits for skin, I think it is interesting to know the turmeric origins and what it contains.
    Turmeric is a spice that is from ginger’s family plant. It is an ancient spice that originated from India, and they use it in various ways such as medicine, color dye, food, etc.
    When it comes to Turmeric ingredients consists of two significant elements, which are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants components.
    You will find these two components in MANY spices, food, cremes formulas, and it is essential to know what they do when you use something that contains any of them.
    Antioxidants are substances that act as protection or defensive mechanism for your skin against any environmental or physical changes.

    whereas the anti-inflammatory components that reduce swelling, redness, inflammation, and more uses in treating many things in your body.
    I am obsessed with any natural ingredient that I can use as a skincare product.
    The side effects are way minimum than chemically produced products, not to mention how cheap their ingredients are!

    Moreover, although natural skin treatments sometimes might take a  long time to show you some results, the results will last you for quite some time, while chemical treatments results will show faster but might fade away within a short time. 
    Back to turmeric, the vibrant yellow spice that I am impressed by! 
    I like to drink it, eat it and take care of my skin with it.

    8 Turmeric benefits for your skin as a body and face scrub:

    1. Skin softening

    2. Skin brightening 

    3. Even your skin tone

    4. Removes acne scars

    5. Adds glow to your skin

    6. Lighten your dark circles

    7. Fight acne breakouts

    8. Removes dead skin

    These are turmeric benefits to your skin both face and body, but there are way more benefits to your health too!

    What Kind of Turmeric to Use in the Scrub?  

    You can use the turmeric that is manufactured for body use because it will not leave any color stains on your body like the trumeric when you use it in your food.

    turmeric benefits for skin

    My Favorite Simple Turmeric  Face and Body Recipe ingredients:

    1. Turmeric powder
    2. Oil 
    You can use any oil; I love Almond oil. It is beneficial, and I use it in many DIY skincare treatments.
    3. Sugar

    4. Rose Water
    It has many benefits such as skin tightening, removes redness, and contains anti-inflammation. 
    5. Oatmeal
    It brightens your skin.
     P.S you can measure any ingredients depending on where you want to apply the scrub!

    How to Make the Turmeric Scrub

    Mix all ingredient to form a thick paste
    How to apply it to the face and body
    After bathing and cleaning your body with your favorite soap, let it dry a little bit, then apply the past anywhere you want.
    Wait for the paste until it gets dry, then scrub it with a loofah in circular motions for few minutes, then rinse your body with water.

    How often to use this face and body scrub

    Once a week is enough, and keep using this scrub for a month to see more results. 

    Turmeric Recipe Benefits to Skin Results:

    It removes dead skin and softens the skin instantly.
    Other results as skin brightening, removing scars, and redness might take a while, depending on your skin’s condition.

    Turmeric in your Food to Help your Skin Health

    One of the most popular drinks that promote your skin health and removes acne is having turmeric that we use in cooking with hot water once a day.
    P.S Your skin will not get yellow when applying turmeric mas nor drinking it.
    I hope you try this fabulous DIY turmeric treatment because it is worth your time.
    If you are interested in cheap yet effective skincare treatments, don’t miss reading 1 Hack for the best rice water for face recipe that I swear by.

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