20 Tips that will Make You Look Older as a Petite Woman

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    Do you want to look older or your age because you are a short woman or have a babyface, making you look younger than your age? Well, let me tell you I am too!

    Many petite women ask how to look older as their age and mature because of their daily struggles when dealing with people.

    People often perceive them as teenagers or immature, which will lead to not being taken seriously.

    Any petite woman will be happy if someone compliments her and says that she looks younger, but not looking at her and thinking that she is a young teenage girl or immature.

    As petite women, we want to live comfortably and be treated as mature women no matter what.

    This issue matters because many serious incidents happen to short women, like during interviews. Unfortunately, many employers don’t take petite women seriously because of their looks and height.

    Maybe you like a cute guy, but he will never think about approaching you because he might be afraid that you are a teenager! I am not sure why? Maybe because it is all about the first impression?!

    Although the first impression has a critical role, this is superficial if they don’t consider what kind of experience and skills they have!u003cbru003e u003cbru003eWhat we can do is to enhance our looks to be taken seriously as mature petite women.

    20 Tips that Make you Look Older

    These tips will elevate your appearance in terms of your behavior and how you look during your daily life. 

    It is essential to consider how do you behave and communicate with others.

    This will contribute to how people perceive you from how you act, talk, and engage with them. therefore, you should consider your behavioral traits and adapt what is in your best interest to make you more mature.

    Behavioral characteristics that you should adapt which are:

    1. Control your anger

    Being calm in crazy situations will make you look older and reflects that you can think and analyze what is going around you.

    2.Be punctual

    Respect time and your appointments. If you are late on somebody, they will take you seriously anymore.

    3. Don’t Gossip

    Many women like to gossip anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. If you are one of them, try to control your gossiping habits because it is unhealthy and immature to do with anyone.

    4. Do not lie

    Honesty is the best quality to have, even if you are in trouble.

    When you are honest with people and take responsibility for your actions, people will respect you and look at you like a mature woman.

    5. Watch your tone

    Using a mid-level voice tone and talking confidently is more mature than speaking loudly.

    Appearance Tips to look more Mature and your age

    The first impression is a deal-breaker no matter what, so look at your age and mature petite woman. 

    6. In your workplace, wear structured clothes such as blazers or tailored suits with high heels.
    You can wear wedges that are not chunky to feel more comfortable at work.

    7. In casual wear, you can wear a monochromatic look with pointed-toe flats or sneakers.

    This look is effortless to put together, classy and formal.

    8. Make sure that your clothes are well fitted

    It is essential to shop for your exact size because wearing larger sizes will make you look frumpy and messy.

    9. Don’t show too much skin because this will give the impression that you look vulgar and tacky.

    Instead, wear sophisticated looks that reflect your proper age and environment.

    10. Wear and style clothes for your petite body shape and avoid all fashion pieces that overwhelm your shape.

    11. Less is more, so don’t over-accessorize. 

    Wearing many accessories will overwhelm your look since you you are petite.

    12. Wear a nice perfume.

    It reflects how you take care of yourself, and it is a way of expressing yourself.

    13. Choose sunglasses that go with your face shape and outfit attire.
    It will add some seriousness and a formal impression to your whole outfit attire.

    14. Style your hair and make sure that it looks neat, tidy, and well done, mostly at work.
    Also, avoid doing ponytail hairstyles and haircuts that are funky, edgy, or too cute.

    15. Do your nails and choose classic colors for more formal looks.

    16. Wear makeup that has natural or colors that are not very bold or very dark.

    I hate to say that, but makeup is essential to make you look your age.

    If you don’t like to apply makeup, you can do a natural makeup look to give your skin more glow and add bold lipstick colors like red.

    17. Don’t follow any trend even if you are a fashionable person. Instead, choose wisely what is suitable for your age and personality. 

    Tips for Physical Transformations that Will Make you Look Older

    athletic petite women

    18. Improve your body posture when sitting, standing, and walking because a good posture reflects how firm and confident you are.

    19. Many Petite women have small breasts, and this will make them look like young girls.

    Wear a pushup bra to lift and enhance your breast shape.

    If you are thin or skinny, like me, you don’t have to gain weight to have a better body but exercising and increasing your muscle weight is very good to make you look healthier. 

    Although I am not a gym addict, I decided to improve my body shape and leaner. So, I tried PILATES classes for a few months, and I swear to you, my whole body transformed.

    It strengthens my muscles to enhance the Posture and stretches them to lengthen my torso. 

    What kind of these tips helped you to look like an adult and mature as a petite woman? Share your thoughts and tips if you got any!

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