8 Life-changing ways to fall in love with yourself instantly

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    Congratulations! Your landing here means that you are looking for ways to fall in love with yourself, which is the best thing to do to yourself!

    Realizing that you are worthy of all kinds of love and care will have significant benefits like makes you feel good no matter what so that you will attract everything beautiful, good things will happen to you, and you will receive many blessings.

    It is undeniable that life is complicated and sometimes challenging, so it is normal to neglect ourselves, break down and get off the track dealing with other matters, people, and everything which will affect us negatively and make our lives worse.

    I learned those lessons or ways the hard way from my personal experience as a woman in my mid-thirties, being through many hard things.

    Fortunately, I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong and how to live my life happier, and don’t feel the need for others in my life to complete me, so I put myself back together, and it all started with fall in love with myself.

    So many ways to make you fall in love with yourself that you might not be aware of them, but once you understand how to love yourself and practice self-love tips and apply them or a few of them daily, you will get back on track quickly.

    Not only that, but you might find some of them become a norm and part of your life routine which is fantastic and will life never be the same again.

    What does it mean to fall in love with yourself?

    Falling in love with yourself means that you put yourself first and choose the best for your interest, such as taking care of your health mentally and physically.

    It also means that you appreciate and protect yourself from everything that will cost you your peace and well-being.

    8 powerful ways to fall in love with yourself

    1. Learn to say “NO”

    If you are the type of person who goes with the flow and agrees to do what others ask them to do, You will find out that you are making others happy, doing what they want, and forgetting your needs!

    So it is important before doing anything that people ask you to do you have to ask yourself first this question:

    Does this serve my best interest? Evaluate your answer and then decide whatever you feel like doing.

    Don’t feel guilty or ashamed because you refused something that someones asked you to do because you are a person who has a strong personality and free to choose whatever you feel like doing.

    2. Be healthy

    How is watching your health makes you love yourself?

    Consuming the right kinds of foods and drink that your body needs will affect you mentally and biologically.

    In terms of your mental health, good foods have a substantial effect on your brain functions, such as boosting your mood positively, relieves stress, improves memory, and many more.

    On the other hand, eating healthy food will make you glow, have a good shape, and all the nutrients your body wants to make you feel good.

    3. Observe your circle

    People around you, especially your inner circle, with whom you spent most of your time, play a significant role in your whole life.

    We all know that no one is perfect, but you surround yourself with people who don’t have values toxic or affect you negatively, you must run away and break from that circle.

    I know it can be challenging as you may lose friends or family members along the way, but you will only lose toxic relationships at the end of the day.

    Moreover, It is better to be alone than spending your time with someone who doesn’t add value to your life.

    4. Raise your standards high up in the sky

    Recognizing your self-worth and having high self-esteem is the core of self-love.

    Therefore, raising your standard whenever you get the chance will improve your quality of life in general because you are only inviting and accepting the best of the best into your life.

    5. Protect your energy

    If you are with someone who does not make you comfortable , leave .

    Whenever you feel down , do something that will boost your mood instantly.

    Do not overthink things.

    Form thoughts that are positives to transform into a chain of positive thoughts that will lift you up.

    6. Practice Gratitude journaling

    This is my favorite! You have no idea how writing just five blessings a day changed my life.

    It makes you think a lot about how many blessings you have in your life that you might not recognize or pay attention to.

    So writing and thinking about them will make you feel so blessed, so good, and so grateful for everything you have

    7. Forgive yourself

    Everyone makes mistakes, big and small, so you have to forgive yourself and let go because the past is dead and live in the present only.

    Moreover, forgiving yourself Is huge because I will make you live freely and lift all things that weigh you down.

    8. Feel complete to fall head over heels in love with yourself

    Developing the right mindset of self-love and practicing self-love techniques will build up over time to reach the “wholeness” state.

    It acts as fuel to your soul that fires you up with love, excitement, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

    With that’s said, instead of having high expectations about someone to love you, you will feel that you are enough.

    You will never be disappointed or affected by others’ actions because when you come from abundance, you will attract others.

    Why is it important to fall in love with yourself?

    You are a soul living, and you spent your whole life with yourself, so there will be too much talking, thinking analyzing going on in your brain.

    So why not making it the best place to live in or with?

    Another essential thing to know is that when you love yourself, you will feel and attract many good things such as:

    – Boosting your Self-confidence

    Self-confidence is one of the essential traits that you find in all highly successful people.

    If you are confident, you will be more stress-free, relaxed, and will not worry about anything that might get in your way, and never get intimidated by anyone.

    Having and feeling all self-confident benefits will make you live happier and most likely achieve whatever goal you are chasing.

    Remember that if you live your life happy and stress-free, you will attract your goals, people match your vies, and all good things.

    Is it okay to be in love with yourself?

    If you didn’t learn how to love yourself, how will you love others in the first place?

    Some people feel guilty, or they are selfish when they put themselves self-first, so they burn themselves to keep others warm, which is entirely wrong.

    You are the most precious thing that you have, so it is okay to help others, but it is not okay if it will cost us to neglect or burn ourselves for anyone at any cost.

    3 books to boost your self-love state

    If you feel that you want to dive into a self-love journey to give you a push and enlighten you about how amazing you are, read from the best following awesome books:

    you are a badass book to fall in love with yourself

    good vibes book for self-love


    You might find some ways of self-love are easy to do while others are more challenging.

    But you have to know that change needs time and effort from your side, which is normal.

    When adapting to a self-love mindset, you will always have to be alert and observe how you treat yourself the right way.

    But at the end of the day, you deserve all the love and happiness, so focus on yourself and the rest; blessings will follow.

    What is the most effective tip that makes you fall in love with yourself?


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    1. The Journalicious

      I will definitely start loving myself more often.. well, as I am gaining weight and kinda hate how I looks with all the extra layers I keep building but just have to embrace it

      • DEEM

        It all starts with loving yourself first!

        Thanks for stopping by 😉

    2. Maria

      I totally agree with you, I believe that we all need to start to appreciate ourselves more, stop comparing with others, and stop fishing for validation.

    3. Wayneish

      Really great tips! It is so important to love ourselves because we are unique and wonderfully made.

      • DEEM

        Thanks Wayneish, what r u saying is %100 ture

    4. Susanne

      So many wonderful insights in this post. I love how you just put this topic into the mindfullest of words. Your article just exudes loving kindness. To me, protecting my energy and learning to say NO have been truly important in cultivating love for myself. And I still need to remind myself of protecting my energy at times. Luckily, I now often hear my inner voice who is telling me that something’s up. Thank you for the mindful reminders, I truly needed that as I am going through stressful times right now (moving apartments by myself in a new city). I especially loved this sentence: “You are the most precious thing that you have”. Yup… Thanks for that. Love, Susanne

      • DEEM

        Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Susanne. I am so happy that you came by and share your perspective.

        And you are right, and we always have to remind ourselves that we matter the most.


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