8 Best Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes – No More Watery Eyes

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    Imagine that you are getting ready for a date or any occasion you are excited to go to. When you finally apply your eye makeup,  your eyes get watery, irritated, or even turn red!
    Your look at the mirror, and you find your watery eyes ruining the rest of your makeup and feeling an irritation that is bothering you! You end up getting frustrated and wondering why this happens to you?

    And what is the best solution to get you out of this situation once and of all?

    You definitely need one of the best eyeliners for sensitive eyes.

    Let me tell you that you are not struggling alone since many women have sensitive, watery eyes.

    The perfect solution for this problem is to use makeup products that are chemical-free, non-toxic, and specifically designed for sensitive skin types.

    Keep in mind that not all sensitive skin makeup products have the needed quality not to harm your eyes, so make sure to search for the best product before buying a bad quality.
    In this post, I am focusing on one type of eye makeup which is eyeliner.

    It is a must-have beauty item that will change your makeup game.

    So you will find below all the types of eyeliners for sensitive skin which are pencil or liquid, that is highly rated in terms of their dark pigment colors and their chemical-free formulas.
    Whether you like to use a pencil or liquid type of eyeliner, waterproof or non-waterproof, I am sure that you will get what you are looking for here.
    Because I gathered all of the best eyeliners in different types below and can’t wait to share my favorite one with you later on, so keep reading!

    Things That Will Cause You Watery Eyes

    First things first, you need to understand why you have watery eyes, and there are many reasons for that.
    To begin with, some people use cheap makeup products with very toxic formulas, which will cause the eye to get irritated and watery.

    Also, certain fragrances and perfumes cause allergies to the eyes because they contain irritants substances.
    Weather changes affect some people and get their eyes watery too.
    Many reasons cause your eyes to get irritated and allergic, so to avoid this kind of problem, choose your makeup products wisely.
    For the sake of this post, I am going to focus on the hypoallergenic eyeliners that will keep your eye makeup on point all day so let dive.

    Best Pencil Eyeliners for Sensitive Watery Eyes

    1. Shimarz Black Pencil Eyeliner for Sensitive eyes

    shimraz eyeliner for sensitive eyes

    Shimraz pencil eyeliner is a really great product because it is chemical-free, which means that it is vegan and gluten-free.

    Its formula contains natural ingredients that nourish your eyes, such as castor and seed oils.
    These features will allow you to apply your eyeliner on your inner waterline or over your lash line without being scared that you get watery, irritated eyes.
    Colors: Available only in black color
    Finish: smooth and has a very dark black pigment

    2. Physicians Formula Eye Definer Automatic Eye Pencil

    Physician formula eyeliner is a pencil type of eyeliner that is for sensitive, watery eyes.

    It is also an amazon choice in the hypoallergenic eyeliner category for its top rating and, of course, for its effectiveness.
    This brand has other products designed specifically for sensitive skin, such as Mascaras, concealers, primers, etc.
    Besides being hypoallergenic, it is also cruelty-free, and you can apply It to your inner waterline.
    Colors: Available in black, brown-black, and ultra black
    Finish: it has a shimmery finish, which gives a nice dark black shine

    3. VASANTI Kajal Waterline Eyeliner

    best eyeliners for sensitive eyes vasanti

    Vasanti pencil eyeliner is Ophthalmologist tested.

    This means that it is safe for sensitive eyes; not only that, but it is also free from chemicals and all toxic ingredients that might irritate your eyes while applying it on your eyelids or waterline.

    It is waterproof, which means that It will last longer.
    Color: Only in black
    Finish: It will give gorgeous you a matte finish  

    Best Liquid Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes

    1. Almay Liquid Eyeliner for Sensitive Watery eyes

    almay best eyeliners for sensitive eyes

    The Almay Amazon top-rated eyeliner is a natural eyeliner that is gentle on your sensitive eyes and won’t irritate your eyes when you are wearing a lens.
    It is water-resistant and won’t get smudged or fade away
    Also, it will last for up to 16 hours

    Colors: black and brown
    Finish: matt finish
    Type: non-waterproof

    2. Neutrogena Liquid Eyeliner

    Neutrogena eyeliner for sensitive eyes

    Neutrogena is one of the best brands that offer high-quality, affordable skincare products.
    No wonder why their liquid eyeliner is one of the top-rated amazon products
    This eyeliner is everything.
    It contains honey, coconut, castor oil, and all the necessary nourishment for your eyes and lashes.
    Also, it is water-resistant, very smooth when applying, and smudge-free.
    Color: black
    Finish: highly pigmented color

    3. Honest Beauty Liquid Eyeliner for Watery Eyes

    honest black best eyeliners for sensitive eyes

    When it comes to vegan makeup, honest is one of the top brands that are well known for
    Honest liquid eyeliner from honest beauty is vegan, cruelty-free, and chemical-free too.
    It has an excellent formula that makes it smudge and transfer-free.
    Although it lasts up to 8 hours, it is worth it for its amazing pigment and how easily you can apply it to your eyelids.

    Colors: black
    Finish:  satin

    4. Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eylining Pen

    clinique black liquid eyeliner

    Clinique is a leader brand in producing high-quality and chemical-free beauty products.
    This eyeliner pen is perfect for your eyes because it is tested by an ophthalmologist and also from allergy aspects.
    In addition, it will last for up to 24 hours without getting smudged or budged.
    Color: available in black and brown color

    In Conclusion

    Say goodbye to water eyes with these best eyeliners for sensitive eyes that you can choose from.
    Whether you like pencil, liquid, waterproof or not, you have everything to choose from that is high quality, affordable, and designed specifically for your sensitive eyes.
    What type of eyeliner is your favorite, and why?

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