7 Cute Spring Shoes Must Have for Every Occasion

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    Whenever I think about the spring season, bright colors, beautiful butterflies, and green nature come to my mind.
    The feelings of happiness and fresh start hit me with good vibes that make me feel happy and refreshed.
    But when it comes to spring weather, as you may know, that it is a little bit of everything.
    Some days it will be rainy, other days will be summery.
    You will experience a bit of cold fresh air and warm weather often.
    Therefore, as a woman who loves fashion, I wanted to write about spring shoes that you need to have in your closet.
    Spring shoes will be so helpful to wear for different occasions and weather unexpected weather conditions that will make your outfit edgier and you look more fabulous.
    Also, they will be helpful because you can wear some of them in other seasons too.

    7 Cute Spring Shoes Must-Have for Every Occasion

    1. Sneakers

    Let’s start with everyday casual sports shoes that you want to wear if you want to get out for your usual run, run some errands, or walk your dog in the beautiful park.
    You want walking shoes that are comfortable, cool, and bright to add a cute touch to your outfit.
    What makes sneakers must-have shoes is that they are versatile; you can run and walk with them simultaneously.
    or if you don’t run, you can get cute pair of sports shoes with a cool design as well.
    Take a look at these beautiful shoes that you might like.

    2. Ankle Boots “Booties”

    Leather booties are must-have shoe types that you can use in almost every season.
    When It comes to spring, wearing leather booties will add a sense of style to your outfit and be handy to wear on rainy days.
    Styling tip: booties are cute to wear with maxi and midi dresses or skirts with a high slit.

    3. Sandals

    Sandals is a spring-summer footwear type that you can wear to attend special occasions, date nights, or even brunch.
    In spring, You can get a pair of colorful sandals that can stand out on their own and make your outfit pops.
    Styling tip: You can get mid-heel sandals to make you feel comfortable and wear them on different occasions.

    4. Fuzzy Fur Slipper

    On a cloudy, breezy day, wearing cute fur slippers to grab your coffee from Starbucks in spring will make you feel cozy and add warmth to your feet, not to mention that it will make you look more stylish and edgy.
    Styling tip: You can pair it with your favorite knit set or sweats.

    5. Flats Shoes

    Flat shoes such as ballet flats and loafers are so so functional.

    In spring you will have many outdoor activities such as having a picnic or just walking around to enjoy the weather.
    Therefore, you want to wear comfy shoes yet stylish to pair them with your cute spring outfits.
    You can find many flat shoes in different material designs that you can pair with your spring clothes.

    6. Wedges

    Shoes or sandal Wedge is essential to have in your wardrobe.
    What I like about wearing wedges is that they add inches to my hights, yet I still feel very comfortable having long walks with them.
    If you want to wear a maxi dress and heels, you can wear wedges
    which adds more inches to your height and makes you comfortable.
    Styling tip: if you want to wear heels but not look too formal or over dresses, wear wedges that transform your look into more casual attire.

    7. Classic Pumps

    If you don’t’ have classic pumps high heels shoes other than in black color, then it is time to get a new one.
    Having high heels shoes in neutral colors such as nude or white will be so handy in spring.
    It is super easy to style because they will match almost every spring outfit you have, and they will make your fashion items look more bright or at least as they are instead of making the whole look darker when wearing black shoes.


    These are seven different shoe types that you can enjoy wearing in spring and are suitable for every occasion
    You don’t have to get all of them to be prepared for the spring unless you are an extrovert kind of woman who likes to hang out all the time and celebrates many occasions.
    Anyways, you can choose what type of shoes that best suits you depending on your daily routine and lifestyle to ensure that you will enjoy them once you buy them!

    P.S. For gorgeous petite women, Don’t miss out on these helpful posts about what type of shoes you can wear post and this guide for all stores that carry shoes for small feet size.
    What are your favorite spring shoes to wear and why?

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