7 Best Contour Palettes for a Flawless Face Definition

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    Do you know what transforms your whole make-up? It is the countering step that defines and highlights your facial features.
    Therefore, you have to look for the best contour palettes and get what suits your skin color, type,  and your budget for sure.
    In this post, you find many contour palettes that are the best and most rated in the market, with both cream and powder textures to choose from.
    If you are a newbie in the makeup world, check out this post for the best drug contour stick that you can practice with.
    They are cream texture, easy to use, and affordable.
    Meanwhile, for those who want to purchase a contour palette, keep reading.  
    Hopefully, you find the one!

    8 best contour palettes to sculpt your face like a pro

    1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

    Anastasia beverly hills contour  palette

    I love Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. It is the first contouring palette that I bought in my life, and I remember I was a beginner at makeup, especially contouring, and it was hard for me to use it.
    But now, I can’t go without it is a must-have palette for me in my makeup routine because it is one of the best contour palettes that I have ever tried.
    It is a contouring kit that contains 3 matte and 3 shimmering colors so you can contour your face and highlight it using the same palette. 
    The Palette is vegan and cruelty-free made. Also, powder formula is buildable, and it is easy to blend with your rest with makeup products to give you the perfect smooth and glowy finish.
    Palette Shades: it is available in 3 colors: Light to Medium and Medium to Tan, and Deep.
    I searched a lot for medium to tan and deep palettes, but no luck; I think they discontinue manufacturing it. If you want to get this palette, you only have a light to medium color palette available in all makeup stores and Amazon.
    Type: powder
    Finish: Natural finish. When adding a highlighter, it will give you the glow finish look. 

    2. Black Radiance Creme Contour Palette

    creme contour

    Black Radiance makeup brand empowers women of color by providing the best luxurious and affordable makeup products for them.
    This gorgeous cream contour palette is for dark skin colors.
    It is available in two colors, which light to medium and medium to dark shade.
    The palette consists of only three shades which are for contouring, sculpting, and highlighting the face.

    3. Covergirl Full Spectrum Contour & Correct Expert Cream Palette

    covergirl color correct

    If you need to color correct when doing your makeup, this is the perfect contour palette!
    The CoverGirl palette consists of 8 creamy shades designed for contouring, highlighting, and color-correcting your face.
    Color palette: Universal.
    You can find it on Amazon here

    4. Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Refillable Palette 

    katvond best contour

    Kat Von D contour Palette gave me a luxurious vibe, and I also feel that it is for people who know contouring techniques really well.
    This palette consists of 6 dark matte and light shades.
    When contouring your face, you should use light and dark shades to define and sculpt your face using a contouring brush.

    5. Smashbox

    smashbox contour kit

    Smashbox palette has only three shades for contouring, highlighting, and adding a touch of bronzer to your face.
    What’s more, it is designed for light to medium coverage And  gives you a perfect matte finish

    6. NYX PROFESSIONAL Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

    nyx best contouring kit

    NYX, the drugstore makeup brand, has an amazing powder contour palette 
    It contains 8 shades for contouring and highlighting your facial features. 
    Also, you can use some shades as an eyeshadow too.
    What’s nice about the palette is that it is refillable and affordable

    7. NYX 3 Steps to Sculpt contour palette

    nyx contour sculpt

    This  NYX contour palette is the perfect powder palette that is consists of only three shades.

    Also, it is available in four different colors: fair, light, medium, and deep, at a very affordable price.

    Tips to Choose the Best Contour Palette for your Skin

    1. Determine your level of expertise

    If you are a beginner, start using a basic contouring stick or palette that consists of limited shades and affordable.
    So that you won’t get overwhelmed, and it will be easier for you to practice.

    2. pick the right contouring shade

    When contouring with the right shades, you will have natural shadows and sculpted facial features.
    So it is essential to pick a contour shade that is two shades darker than your skin color.
    And two shades lighter than your skin for the highlighter shade.
    Also, don’t forget your skin undertone color. The shade also must correspond with your skin undertone for a perfect shade finish.
    There are three basin skin undertones which are warm, cool, and neutral, and each one of them requires a specific range of shades to reflect the best color on the skin.

    3. Creamy Vs. powder Contouring Palettes

    As I said earlier, if you are a beginner, stick with a creamy contouring stick or palette for a smoother application.

    4. budget

    If you are on a budget, do not worry.
    You will find the best contouring palettes with different shades and textures at affordable prices and excellent quality.

    Best Beauty Tools to Apply the Contour

    e.l.f. Contouring Brush 

    contour brush

    You need a structured and flat brush to sculpt your face, cheekbones, and jaw lines easily.

    e.l.f Contouring brush is the number one bestseller on Amazon and a must-have beauty tool. 
    It helps you sculpt and define your face features easily because of its flat structure design and vegan synthetic bristles.
    Also, it is suitable to use for both powder, and crème textured makeup products such as powder, bronzer, highlighter, etc.

    Beauty Blender

    beauty blender

    The beauty blender is super easy to apply your makeup with, and you can use it when blending your contour, especially a crème contour texture.

    Because the crème texture is smooth and will blend easily using a sponge, unlike the powder which you will find it a bit difficult to have control when blending it with a sponge.

    At the end of the day, it is a matter of preference what you are comfortable with, so you can choose either to apply your contour with.

    In Conclusion

    What I mention above are the best contour palettes that you can choose from whether you are a beginner , pro with high or low budget.

    All the options are listed here so get whatever suit you for a flawless contour sculpting and blending finish.


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