6 Best jeans for Petites | Flattering Styles and Cuts

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    Having the best jeans for Petites is like winning the lottery, at least for me!
    A pair of jeans Is a timeless piece that you find in every closet, yet it is challenging to find one right away!
    It was super hard to find any jeans that fit me without any alterations until recent years when brands recognize petite body shapes and finally decided to offer small sizes in their clothing collections.
    With that said, there are over 40 types of jeans, and they differ in many things such as the rise height, types of cut, and fit.

    But not all of them are petite-friendly!

    It is important to consider all those factors when shopping for a pair of jeans and choose what is flattering on your petite body shape. 

    6 best jeans for petites

    As I mentioned, what makes the best jeans for Petites is choosing the ones with features that suit the petite figure.

    Check out the table below about the perfect jean’s qualities. Hopefully, it will be a useful resource for you.

    Type of cutsFlareBell-bottomBootcutWide-leg
    Rise hightLowMidHighExtra high

    As you can see in the table, jeans types of cuts will suit your body shape, but you must consider the fit.
    Well-fitted, relaxed jeans are the perfect choice for your petite frame, whereas baggy jeans that are very wide and long will swallow your body and make you look frumpy.
    Also, the rise height is really important, so aim for high rise because it will lengthen your torso and makes you look taller.  

    P.S cropped is shorter than ankle jeans in length but try the jeans first to experiment its length because some brands have different length of cropped jeans 

    skinny high rise jeans for petites

    J Brand has the best jeans for Petites ,and their jeans and pants size ranges from 22 to 32
    Other than perfect quality of fabrics and cuts, j brand has very trendy and stylish different types of fabrics and cuts that you can choose from. 

    wide leg best for Petites

    The loft is a well-known brand that offers gorgeous clothes for Petites, and jeans are among them!
    Their jeans size ranges from 24 to 34

    Wide leg or palazzo jeans are very flattering on Petites if you style them in the right way.
     So if you never tried them yet, don’t afraid to buy one of them because it is worth it!

    3. Youthquake Printed Crop Flare Jeans

    Free people have cool styles of pants and jeans that you can buy from
    Their size range is from 24 to 32

    Flare or bell-bottom cut jeans are flattering on petite women, but you have to watch out how to flare the cut is.
    Aim for a moderate flare that will balance your body’s proportions and avoid extra flare cuts.

    As the name suggests, these jeans are relaxed and make you feel comfortable wearing them everywhere.
    Reformation is a brand that is famous for its unique designs and well-fitted dresses for Petites, not just jeans.
    Their bottoms size ranges from 23 to 31

    P.S check out their dresses. They are fabulous!

    5. Pintuck Denim Shorts

    I had to mention the denim shorts for the jeanshoholic petite women out there.
    It is perfect for everyone, and you can wear it during the summer or spring seasons.

    This denim short is from Madewell, And their bottom’s sizes range from 23 to 33


    bootcut jeans

    Bootcut jeans are a classic and flattering kind of jeans that you can dress down or up to many occasions.

    Kohls’s size ranges from 2P to 16P, which is impressive and suits all Petites women, whether thin or curvy. 

    Jeans for petite women with short legs and thick thighs 

    If you have short legs and big thighs, relaxed and straight are the most flattering on you.
    Whereas skinny jeans are less appealing because they will draw attention to your thigs area that you want to hide.
    P.S You wear skinny jeans if you wear a top that will hide your hips area

    What’s more, jeans that are flared is not flattering because it will add more heaviness to your lower body which will imbalance your body’s proportions.

    Bottom line

    To find the perfect jeans that fit you well and don’t require any alteration, shop from brands that offer petite sizes because they designed their collection to fit the petite body shape.
    Check out these 25 clothing stores that offer petite sizes and brands that I mention above to think about all your shopping store options.

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