5 Best Dresses for Short Torsos that make you Look Leaner Instantly

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    This post is for all women who are looking for dresses for short torsos. I really love fashion posts and am excited a lot to write this one.
     I am petite and have a short torso, but I feel that many of you want to try various dresses that suit your body type.
    As you know, styling a short torso body shape is not that easy, but once you get familiar with what options you have, what works, and what to avoid,  your shopping and styling experience will be easier and enjoyable too.
    Dresses are available In many styles, lengths, designs, and so on. That’s why it is confusing, and sometimes I struggle to find the one.
    Also, many petite women with short or long torsos won’t experiment with different dress styles and think that they are not for their body and, to be honest, that me, a long time ago.
    I used to buy the same style and colors over and over again until I was done.
    So with time, effort, and many experiments, I understood my body shape and then how to style my clothes for it.
    Now I can enjoy wearing almost whatever I like with the proper styling and fit.
    I can’t wait to share with you the most flattering dresses for a short torso body. 

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    10 Flattering Dresses for Short Torsos that Balance your Body’s Proportions instantly

    1. Dresses with V Necklines

    leopard dress
    v neckline dress
    tight dresses for short torsos

    V neckline is a neckline that is shaped like the letter V.

    I love dresses with V or deep necklines because they expose the upper part of your chest and gives the illusion that your torso is longer.
    Wearing a V neck, whether a dress or a top, adds more sense of feminity to your style too.

    2. Plunging Neckline Dress

    plunging neckline dress
    dresses for short torsos

    The plunging neckline is similar to the V neck, but it is deeper and sometimes wider.

    Some deep necklines are very long and reach below your naval. 
    Plunging necklines are sexy when you wear them and gives the impression that this woman is strong, fearless, and mature.

    What’s more, if you have cleavage, it will show it all; that’s, not every petite woman feels comfortable wearing a plunging neckline.

    Especially some women with a large bust.
    And that’s okay; you can rock a dress with a more conservative V neckline, and it will still give that illusion that you have a longer torso and neck as well.

    3. Wrap Dresses

    wrap vertical dresses for short torsos
    wrap dress for short waist women

    Most wrap dresses have V or plunging necklines, and they are so flattering when you wear them for any occasion.
    Yes, It might define your waist, but this doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for short-waisted women.
    Because they are not symmetrical, they create a slit that gives the illusion that you are taller.
    And the V neck help to makes you look leaner.
    As a matter of fact, wrap dresses for short torsos also are flattering on all body shapes, so don’t hesitate to wear them whenever you feel like it.


     4. Empire Waist Dresses

    The empire silhouette style is when the bodice is fitted while the rest of the dress flared out.
    They are cute and elegant and what’s more important is that they don’t draw attention to your waistline. Therefore, it is a must-have piece for your short torso body shape!
    Wearing empire-style dresses is so flattering for thin and curvy petite women because they draped over their body beautifully, yet they don’t show any details.

    5. Shift Dresses

    A shift dress is a must-have piece among dresses for short torsos, in my opinion.
    Because it is so COMFY!
    No tight waistlines or sleeves.
    It is a short sleeveless flare dress that drops down from your shoulders to the bottom.
    Now you can find many shift dresses that are long or embellished that. 
    They are designed for every occasion.
    You can find shift dress as a bikini cover-up, a dress to wear at a brunch, or even to a cocktail party!

    Bottom Line

    These are the best five dresses for short torsos that you can wear without any hesitation.
    I think five is a good number of dress options that you can choose from since they are designed with different styles and silhouettes.

    You can enjoy wearing and styling them for any occasion you want.
    What is your favorite dress style for your short torso body type?

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    dresses for short torso

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