3 Best Dresses for Petite Pear Shaped Women you need to know

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    Do you have a defined waist, narrow shoulders, wide hips, and you are under 5’3 ft? Then you are looking for the best dresses for petite pear-shaped women, and I dedicate this post specifically to you.
    As Many petite women, I believe that you are struggling to find what best dresses look the best on you, Not because of your height but also because of your body shape! Don’t worry; I got you covered!
    Whenever you want to dress for your body,  you have to take into account your body’s proportions and how to balance it out.

    As a petite pear-shaped woman, you have to focus on your narrow shoulders and define your waist while hiding your wide hips.

    You will find a mini-guide that will hopefully help you choose the best dresses for petite pear-shaped women to highlight your best features and make you look attractive.

    Also, you will find the best bridal dresses for all gorgeous petite pear-shaped.

    3 Best Dresses for Petite Pear-shaped Women

    1. Wrap Dress

    wrap dress
    wrap print dress for petite pear shape women

    What is cool about Wrap dresses is that they suit all body shapes, including petite pear-shaped women.
    Wrap dresses are the best option when you wonder what to wear for your pear shape figure because it is the kind of dress flattering on all body shapes.

    Also, wearing a wrap dress will define your waist, highlight your shoulders and bust with its V deep neckline, and have a flared skirt that hides your hips.
    Keep in mind that you choose a wrap dress draped and light in the fabric, so It will not focus on your hips.

    2. A-Line Dress

    a line black dress
    a line best dresses for petite pear shaped women
    floral a line dress

    A-line dresses are another best choice that suits any petite pear shape.
    They are usually fitted from the upper part until the hips and flared out towards the hem.
    Some A-line dresses flared out from the shoulders or under the bust and suited petite pear shapes.

    The key here is to avoid A-line dresses that are fitted from the hips and choose a more relaxed fit around the hips area that flares out towards the hemline.

    3. Fit and Flare Dress

    Fit and flare dresses are similar to A-line dresses, but the difference is that the fit and flare dress flares out from the waist, whereas the A-line dress flares out from the hips.
    They are so flattering and usually have a fuller skirt, which adds more volume to the silhouette.

    These dresses are suitable for events, weddings, and parties because of their volume skirt.

    4 Best Dress Neckline for Petite Pear-Shaped Women

    boatneck dresss
    cowl neck dress
    v neck best dresses for petite pear shaped women
    square neck dress

    It is essential to wear a dress that has a neckline that suits your body shape.

    Because you are petite a woman, there are certain styles of neckline that look best on you to elongate your torso and highlight your upper body areas, not to mention that it will make you look sexy and attractive such as :

    1. V Neck of Deep neckline
    2. Scoop neckline
    3. Cowl neckline
    4. No neckline “Off the shoulder dress.”
    They are all similar in one feature: they show a part of your chest but differ in style itself.

    If you have a large bust and are not comfortable showing your cleavage, you have other neckline options that will make you look great, too, such as boat and square necklines.

    Another solution is to cover it with a gorgeous layered necklace. 

    At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, experiment with different necklines,
    and choose what you feel is best for you.

    Shoulders, Sleeves, colors, and fabrics for petite
    pear-shaped dress


    To draw attention to your shoulders,  choose dresses that have shoulder pads, nice detailing such as embroideries, or embellishments, that will make you look edgy, elegant and balance your body shape at the same time.


    Same shoulders idea!

    Many types of sleeves suit your body shape.

    Choose the ones with volume, such as bell shape, puffed, bishop, ruffled, etc.

    These styles of sleeves will suit your petite pear shape because it will draw attention from your hips area.


    Don’t forget to consider the dress color as well.
    First: choose what is best for your undertone skin colors.
    Second: In terms of hiding your hips, it is recommended to wear dark colors, while if you want to focus on your shoulders and bust, you can wear brighter colors.

    P.S If you don’t know your skin color undertone check out this post to find out!


    Fabrics that have lightweight are the best option for you.

    There are many amazing flowy fabrics such as crepe, chiffon, lace, etc.


    Long layered necklaces are the best to wear with V and deep necklines.

    Hoop earrings are stunning, and you can wear them instead of a long necklace.

    Petite Bride Pear shaped Wedding Gown

    Bridal gowns are different in their type of silhouette than regular dresses.
    You can check this post about how what bridal gown will suit your petite pear-shaped body the best.

    What Type of Dresses Petite Pear-shaped Women Should avoid?

    1. Tight dresses 
    Tight dresses will not balance your body’s proportions whatsoever. 
    2. Drop waist dresses
    The main point is not to focus on your hips area in any way, so a drop-waisted dress will not suit your petite pear body shape.

    To conclude
    There are three main things to focus on when you are shopping for a dress: the dress silhouettes, neckline, and fabric.
    Also, exploring and trying different styles is fun, so don’t be afraid and try new things that you might like!

    What are the favorites dress types that look gorgeous on you?

    Share with your best pear 😉

    best dresses for pear shaped women

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    1. Andrea Dimanno

      Found this to be very educational. Loved all the advice. I’m 4′ 8″ chubby and have saddle bags.

      • DEEM

        Hey Andrea! I am glad that it helps !

        Many thanks!

    2. Laura Ma

      Ok you literally start this by saying you have to hide your hips. I love my hips! And I look slammin in a tight dress. Also not sure why you’d advise short petite women to wear big poofy sleeves, but I can tell you from experience you have to be careful not to overwhelm or you’ll be swimming in your clothes. Maybe a better topic to touch on would be dress length, which is always an issue for me. I’d love some advice on good maxi dresses for short women.

      • Deem

        Hi Laura, I am so happy that you stopped by and share your thoughts with me and readers too!

        You have valid points here, but reading about women dealing with their pear-shaped body type experiences, most of them want to hide their hips but not all.

        If you love your hips that is great and there is no issue with that because I think they are not so wide compared to others.

        Regarding the puffed sleeves clothes, they differ in their volume size so I still recommend trying and testing a top or a dress with small puffy sleeves to highlight your shoulders part.

        Finally, as petite women, we can rock maxi dresses without a doubt. You can check my post here to learn more about how to style them, etc.

        Kind regards,


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