27 Makeup Terms That You Need To Know Before shopping

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    Let’s face it, now and then, we hear or read makeup terms or words that are printed on packages that we don’t have any idea about.

    Some of us we don’t bother reading everything between the line too!

    Psst, I have to admit that I used to be one of them.

    What I found that I spend money on things that are not 100%  perfect for my skin and missing out on awesome products that have unique features as well

    Back to the beauty terms, You know why it is increasing even some makeup influencers or beauty gurus, wonder what the heck does this mean!

    It is Because the beauty industry is getting bigger and increasing rapidly with new makeup innovation products,  technologies, and enhanced formulas.

    Moreover, companies who own labs and conduct research and development with their different beauty develop words that they want to describe or label their makeup products.

    While working on a makeup research topic, I learned a lot and decided to share with you as many makeup terms as possible.

    Understanding these terms makeup terms will help you make better decisions to shop for the best makeup that will give you the ultimate flawless finish to achieve better flawless makeup.

    Hopefully, you find this information valuable and helpful so you will enjoy your makeup shopping experience.

    27 Makeup terms you need to know before makeup shopping

    You will find below many terms that are features or elements related to different makeup products such as foundation, powders, creams, etc.

    makeup terms you need to know

    1. Buildable

    One of the foundations features you might find is that it is “buildable,” which means that it has light or medium coverage, but if you want to get the full coverage, you can apply or build more than one layer to achieve that. This process will help you achieve a flawless finish without causing your foundation from getting cakey and gives you a dull and unnatural look

    2. Transfer – proof

    Transfer proof is a good feature that you will find in many foundations, which means that your foundation will and stick into your face fast, remains, and endure whatever objects that it might touch or scratch.

    Even if things touch your faces, such as your top or scarf, the foundation will not be transferred and leave stains on them.

    3. Anti or non-oxidizing foundation

    In plain English, oxidizing means the result of a chemical reaction between two substances.

    This happens in some kinds of foundations when they interact with air. Such reaction causes the makeup and the foundation to change their colors to either darker or a lighter shade.

    4. oil-free foundation

    This foundation obviously doenst contains any oil in its froumla so it can suit skin types that are sensitive , acne prone and oily.

    It will prevent the skin from melting in humidty and sweat by absorbing extra oil and liquids throughout the day.

    5. Climate adaptive technology

    This technology makes the foundation resists any climate change like heat,  humidity, or sweat.
    By keeping it in place, so it doesn’t melt and clogs the pores of your skin

    6. Second skin feel

    It means that the foundation finish is smooth and undetectable, so it will be as if it’s your naked skin but in a flawless looking

    7. Non-acnegenic

    This ingredient in the foundation is essential for those who have acne-prone skin or acne already.

    It is safe to use, and it doesn’t cause acne to your skin no matter what your skin type is.

    8. Streaky

    This adjective is called when a foundation causes your skin to have unnatural finish

    9. Waterproof

    This feature makes your foundation lasts, resist sweat.

    We all know what waterproof means, but I want to emphasize that if you intended to buy any water-resistant makeup product, you have to buy a special makeup remover for it to get rid of it easily.

    10. Paraben-free

    Paraben is a harmful chemical with preservatives, but beauty brands use it to make their products last longer.
    Therefore Paraben free makeup is the best option if you want to avoid such bad chemicals.

    There are more side effects that you can check out here.

    11. Dermatologist tested

    It means that the product passed through several tests by a dermatologist to assess its quality.

    But that doesn’t mean the product has passed or failed the test.
    So don’t get impressed when you see that terms because it has no value or real evidence that the product is safe and good to use

    12. Non-comedogenic

    It means that the product will not cause your skin pores to clog and fight any acne that might break out.

    13. Luminous

    It means that the foundation has a bright shiny, and radiant effect

    makeup terms meaning

    14. Blendable

    A blendable foundation means that it will soak into your skin color so that it gives flawless natural look

    15. Blurring feature

    It is an amazing quality that you will find in some foundation which is evening your skin tone out, removing redness, dark spots, fine lines, etc., so that it unifies your skin tone and gives you a flawless skin finish.

    16. Undetectable

    Any foundation that is undetectable means that it has a natural finish

    17. No Flash back

    When you buy a setting/ loose powder that doesn’t have a flashback feature, you will have a flashback when you take a photo.

    The flashback occurs when you take a photo; the powder areas on turn into white.

    So by applying on powder that has a flashback feature will save you from ending up with a bad shot.

    18. Translucent powder

    It is a kind of a setting powder that makes sure that your makeup on-place and controls its shine and oils.

    Also, it is colorless, so it is suitable for all skin tones.

    19. Compact powder

    It is the opposite of loose powder, which means that it is pressed into a small box container with a sponge to apply it with.

    20 . Non-Caking

    Cakey means that the makeup that you are applying is giving you an unnatural look, and it is detectable because you can notice that it changes your skin complexion

    Therefore, non-caking is the opposite case of that: the powder of the makeup product you are using will give you the perfect natural look.

    21. Ultra-Pigmented

    it is color intense that using a little amount of the product is enough.

    22. dull makeup look

    it means that your makeup donest glow because you are applying it in the wrong way

    23. Tinted Moisturizer

    This kind of moisturizer is considered a foundation replacement if you want to achieve a natural look.
    Tinted moisturizer is a lightweight foundation blended with cream that moisturizes your face and gives you a little bit of light color coverage.

    24. BB Cream

    Bb stands for blemish balm, and this kind of cream contains a lot of elements such as sunscreen factor protection, foundation, moisturizer, primer, vitamins, and much more in one finished product.

    P.S not all ingredients you will find in all bb cream. Each company has its own formula and elements to combine them into bb cream products.

    25. CC Cream

    CC stands for color correction. As the name suggests it is responsible for covering dark spots, redness , blemish and conceals any skin imperfection,

    26. DD Cream

    It is a “Do – all” cream which means that I combine bb and cc creams features with an anti-aging formula that fights wrinkles and control fine lines’ appearance.

    27. Breathable

    Letting the oxygen into the skin to breathe.

    P.S I am going to make sure that this list is updated so we can all benefit from it.

    What is your favorite makeup quality that you always look for?

    Share it with your makeup addict bestie 😉

    27 makeup terms you need to know.p

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