17 Best Swimsuits to Hide Belly Pooch Instantly

    swimsuit to hide belly pooch
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    The summer season is the bikini season, and when it begins to approach, most women panic and try to get in shape as fast as possible, which is so frustrating, especially if you have belly pooch and want to get rid of it ASAP! If you are struggling too, I will tell you that there is no need to worry about it because only one solution will make you look slim and hide your belly instantly, which is wearing the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch.
    Think about it for a sec, why are you putting yourself under stress, hoping to shed a few pounds or get rid of extra skin that you have while there are many practical legit ways that you can do to hide your belly? Not only do they hide your stomach, but wearing the right Swimsuit will make you look sexy too.
    Luckily, your options when it comes to wearing a swimsuit that hides your belly are A LOT!
    There are a wide variety of bathing suits that you can wear which are not boring or old-fashioned. On the contrary, you can wear a fashionable and cool swimsuit in different styles, colors, and materials, whether a one-piece or a bikini.
    The key here is to know what type of Swimsuit is the best to conceal your belly so that you can wear it confidently and enjoy your beach day or pool party.
    This post will show you all the types of swimsuits that hide belly fat and what features to look for when shopping for a bathing suit that hides your belly fat perfectly, so let’s dive into it.

    17 Best Swimsuits to Hide Belly Pooch

    1. Swimsuit with Ruffles to Hide your Tummy

    Ruffles are the gathered fabric that is attached or sawed to different places of the garment.
    They are so trendy cute, and most importantly, they fashionably hide your belly pooch.
    That doesn’t mean that you can wear ANY swimwear that has ruffles because that depends entirely on where precisely the ruffles are attached to the Swimsuit.
    For example, ruffles that are attached to the waist or belly area are a perfect choice.

    But if you choose a swimsuit with ruffles far from your torso area like, shoulders, it will not hide your tummy, and therefore, it won’t give you the slimmer effect you are seeking.

    ruffle swimsuit
    best swimsuit to hide belly pooch ruffle

    2. Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

    A one-piece swimsuit is classy, chic, and a no-brainer when you want to hide your belly pooch for good.
    But you have to pick one with a tummy control effect which ensures that it hugs your tummy area to make you look slimmer and thinner.
    Therefore, If you are looking for a dope one-piece swimsuit, you have to choose a perfect breathable yet thick fabric that flatter your body shape and makes your belly flatter.
    The specific type of fabrics to look for when shopping for a swimsuit are stretch, spandex, and any tight fabric that will squeeze your torso area.

    one piece tummy control swimsuit
    tummy control bathing suit

    3. Dark colors swimsuit

    It is a rule of thumb that wearing dark colors give a powerful slimming effect and that because when you wear dark colors, it is hard to tell what your exact body shape looks like, which is fantastic!
    If you are not a fan of wearing a black swimsuit, that’s okay. You have other dark colors options to choose from, such as navy, olive green, Charcoal, dim gray, etc.
    What’s more, if you want to play with colors and want to add a pop of color, that is possible on one condition: wearing dark on the bottom, and the light colors will be on the top.
    In this case, you can still enjoy wearing bright colors.

    navy swimsuit to hide belly pooch
    high waist bikini with floral top

    4. Swimsuit with Cutouts

    Cutouts in clothing are so trendy this year, from formal to casual and even in swimwear.
    Wearing cutouts will make you show some skin which makes them not only sexy but also breathable, and that’s a perfect choice to wear in summer.
    But how the heck will cutouts hide your belly pooch?
    Well, the answer is easier than you think.
    Some cutout swimsuits types act like one-piece swimsuits, but they are more trendy and edgy.
    If you are a big fan of cutouts, choose swimsuits that have cutouts in different areas but not the tummy or hips.

    cutout swimsuit
    swimsuit cutout to hide belly pooch
    red swimsuit cutouts

    5. Tiered Swimsuit

    A tiered clothing item has a series of layers of fabric in different lengths and directions.
    It is a fun fashion piece to have when it comes to summer clothing such as swimwear.
    Some types cover your belly pooch instantly, and those types are the ones that you are looking for.

    Check out those cute tiered swimsuits below to get an idea, and who knows, maybe you will find the one!

    tiered best swimsuit to hide belly pooch
    tiered navy swimsuit

    6. High Waisted Bikini Bottom

    If you are a bikini lover, then this option is for you.
    Wearing high waisted bottom is a classic solution to tuck your belly in and hide it once and for all.
    What I like about them is that they will never go out of style and you can wear almost any top you want.
    2 Tips to Choose the Perfect Bikini Bottom:
    You only have to choose a perfect bikini bottom that covers your entire abdominal area
     and has a tummy control feature.

    2. It is made of breathable fabric to make you feel comfortable.
    Pro styling tip: Ruched bikini bottom will give you a double slimming effect because it will control your tummy and hide your belly shape more with fabric folds like this gorgeous red Swimsuit below!

    ruched high waisted bkini
    high waisted bikini

    7. Fringed Swimsuit to Hide your Belly Bulge

    Fring is another fabric manipulation technique that has been trending for a few years now.
    If you are a fashionista and like to keep up with trends and fun looks, you should get a fringed swimsuit, and do not worry; it will hide your belly pooch perfectly.
    There are many types to choose from, whether a one-piece or a bikini, and that’s depends on your tastes.
    But you have to be cautious and choose fringed swimsuits that cover the belly area or your entire torso.
    The more fringe the Swimsuit has, the better, which makes it harder to show underneath it.

    fringed swimsuit
    white fringed swimsuit
    red fringed swimsuit to hide belly pooch

    8. Wear a Shapewear

    Wearing shapewear to hide your belly fat is not tied to regular clothes only.

    If you struggle to find the perfect swimsuit or bikini with a strong tummy control effect of hiding your belly pooch, you might consider wearing shapewear and call it a day.
    What’s more, if you are worried that the shapewear might show under your Swimsuit, you are wrong.
    Many tummy control shapewear acts as underwear, such as tummy control thong or pantie, which you can wear underneath your Swimsuit with confidence.
    Keep in mind that you can wear them under high-waisted bottoms and one-piece swimsuits only.
    Also, choose seamless shapewear to ensure that it will blend with your Swimsuit.
     Check out below some options you might like.

    thong high waisted shapewear

    You can wear this shapewear under a one-piece bathing suit, and that will make you have an amazing flat belly instantly.

    This mid-waist tummy control pantie is perfect if you want to wear a bikini.

    It is seamless, anti-slip, and gives you a flat belly and a smaller waistline.

    9. Vertical Stripes

    If you are insecure about your slight belly, then wearing stripes will be one of the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch.
    Vertical lines give an illusion that you are taller,  slimmer and blur your body shape.
    Pro tip: Thinner stripe lines give a more slimming effect than wider stripes.

    stripes best swimsuit to hide belly pooch
    vertical stripes swimsuit to hide tummy

    10. Wear a Cover-up

    I know many women don’t like to touch the water or to swim. They want only to take a walk, relax and sip delicious coconut water.
    If you are looking for a swimsuit to hide your belly, you are overthinking it.
    You can wear a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit or a bikini and rock a fabulous cover-up over it.
    They will not make you swear or make you look like frumpy old women.
    On the contrary, many cover-ups are made with mesh, crochet, or light fabric that makes you feel like you are not wearing one like these below.

    mesh swimsuit cover-up to hide belly pooch
    crochet coverup swimsuit

    11. Swimsuit Dress

    Many swimsuit dresses with awesome designs, colors, and styles you can rock.

    They are more modest than other types of swimwear but comfortable and so practical.

    You can wear a swimsuit dress and take a dip in the water or have a nice meal in the restaurant by the beach.

    swimsuit dress

    12. Mesh Swimsuit

    Mesh swimsuits are so light, breathable, sexy and they show and hide your belly pooch in a sexy way.
    Showing some skin on a hot summer day is so refreshing.
    Whether you want to wear a one-piece or a bikini, that Is possible with mesh fabric.
    There are a wide variety of options to choose from, so check out what I picked for you.

    mesh swimsuit
    mesh one-piece black swimsuit to hide tummy

    13. Ruched Swimsuit

    One of the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch is a ruched swimsuit.

    Personally, I always choose to wear ruched clothing items, whether dresses, tops, or even skirts.
    Ruched technique It is my favorite type of fabric manipulation of all time because it flatters the body.
    When you wear ruched fashion time, it shows your body curves and hides your body shape.
    Therefore, wearing a ruched swimsuit will not only hide your belly pooch but also will flatter your body shape instantly.

    ruched best swimsuits to hide belly pooch
    ruched bikini to hide tummy bulge
    red ruched one peice swimsuit

    14. Swimsuits to Prints to Hide Tummy Bulge

    Swimsuits with Prints are also another option you may want to consider when hiding your tummy bulge.
    They give you the slimming effect because prints create an illusion that you look smaller and distract the eye from focusing on your body at the same time.
    Pro tip: the smaller the print, the smaller you will look.
    Therefore, when shopping for prints, look for the small-scaled and dark colors prints to make you look thinner and conceal your tummy area.
    Prints that are trendy and cool to wear are florals, checks, gingham, polka dot, and leopard.

    leopard swimsuit
    swimsuit with prints

    15. Tankini Top Swimsuit

    If you lean more toward modest or traditional styles, this tankini top is for you.
    It will do a great job in hiding your tummy %100.
    Because it is flowy, and that will make you breathe and feel comfortable so that you can enjoy your day to the max.
    Pairing your top is super easy. You can wear it with mid-rise or high-waisted bottoms.
    You only have to make sure that the top has the right length which covers your tummy.

    tankini swimsuit
    tankini orange top swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

    16. Peplum Swimsuit

    If you want to wear a bikini to look sexy but don’t know what could hide your tummy, then
    you have one option, which is wearing a peplum swimsuit.

    This trick works even when you want to hide your belly with regular clothes because peplum style is an extra fabric attached to your waistline that accentuates your waist nicely and hides your tummy.
    It is very cute,  edgy, and a two-piece swimsuit that will hide your tummy with the cute ruffles and frills that are attached to your waistline.

    peplum best swimsuits to hide belly pooch
    PEPLUM swimsuit

    17. Belted Swimsuit

    A one-piece swimsuit with a belt is a really flattering way to hide your belly pooch.
    No matter what color or print you choose, the belt on its own will do the job.
    Because you are wrapping the belt around your waist a few times and forming a little ribbon will hide your tummy area and add a cute detail to your swimsuit.

    best swimsuits to hide belly pooch with ribbon
    belted swimsuit

    1 Tip that will give you a Maximum Tummy Coverage

    Wearing a swimsuit that combines two or more features that hide your belly

    In this list, I have shared with you many ideas on how to wear the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch, but if you want to add more slimming effect and hide your belly to the max, then there is one way to do that, which is choosing swimwear that combines more than one feature which I mentioned earlier.
    In other words, you can choose ruched swimwear in a dark color, or you can wear a bikini with a high-waisted ruched bottom.

     This will increase the level of disguising your tummy instantly.

    ruched bottom best swimsuits to hide belly pooch
    ruched black swimsuit best swimsuits to hide belly pooch


    Looking for ways to hide your body shape insecurities is okay as long as it helps you boost your confidence and well-being.
    At the end of the day, nobody is perfect; we are human beings with many flows, so don’t stress about your body image so much because there are many ways to get you covered.
    You have to believe that you are beautiful and sexy no matter what so have fun and enjoy your summer beachacation.
    What is your favorite swimsuit to wear?  


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