16 Sustainable Brands for Petite Women you Need to Know

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    Sustainable Brands is a term that I always came across whenever I surf online clothing stores, reading fashion articles, magazines, or even navigating my Pinterest accounts.

    Honestly, all I know about sustainable fashion is that it is a term that people use to describe any fashion brand that produces its clothing line with minimum waste possible.

    I am somehow correct, but this is fundamental information to me.

    Therefore, I decided to dig deeper and try to understand what does sustainable fashion really means? What is an ethical brand? This is another term used interchangeably with sustainable fashion and comes together whenever I read about sustainability.

    It has always been fascinating to know how the fashion industry and brands work behind the scenes, and I didn’t realize that this topic will lead me to the truth behind how clothing brands work in terms of their entire system and operations.

    I researched a lot. I read many articles, points of view, and reports and decided to give you the gist of what I have learned so far.

    What about you? I hope you are curious like me in case you don’t know about this topic that much!

    Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with a significant research report, but I will mention what this means as briefly as I can since it’s a a huge topic and not my main focus on this post.

    If you don’t have time for that, jump to the sustainable brands for petite women, they are exciting, and I’m sure you will like them.

    What is Sustainable Fashion?

    Sustainable fashion describes any fashion brand that uses eco-friendly resources to produce its fashion pieces from start to finish.

    This process starts with the material they use, labor treatment, water usage, electricity consumption, and production.

    Each factor of these is processed most efficiently until the goods reach the customer.

    As a matter of fact, sustainable fashion is not a new term, and it began in 1980 when environmental activists when they noticed how our planet is getting polluted by factories and other things. But it gains most of its popularity at the beginning of the 90s.

    Thank god that Most of People now are conscious and more aware of what they are wearing, eating, and the environment.

    Sustainable brands vs. ethical fashion

    Ethical fashion is how the brand produces its clothes while not negatively affecting animals, their workers, and the planet. 

    To explain the difference between sustainable and ethical fashion, sustainability is related to any factor that directly affects our planet earth.

    On the other hand, ethical fashion is associated with any activity that might go against work ethics related to Labour, animals, and the land.

    Clothing brands that support these movements are increasing rapidly and they are adopting specific standards to pass the evaluation of sustainability and ethicality.

    What makes a brand sustainable?

    Specific measures that brands must adapt to be sustainable as much as possible such as:

    1. Up-cycling and recycling old materials to produce new garments.

    2. They are Using eco-friendly textiles like wool, cotton, etc.

    3. They are dying their fabrics with natural dyes instead of chemically processed colors.

    4. They produce their garments locally instead of overseas.

    5. Environment-friendly packaging such as Recycled Cardboard.

    What makes a brand ethical?

    1. Keep their workers in safe working conditions.

    2. They are against child labor

    3. They pay their workers a fair amount of money.

    4. Do not harm or use animals.

    5. Reduce energy and water waste uses

    6. renewable forms of energy to run the factory 

    7. support charity

    These are a few examples and standards that brands must apply to be considered ethical or sustainable.

    P.S. Many brands claim that they are sustainable or ethical, but It is hard to tell if any brand is 100% sustainable or ethical because of its transparency issues!

    If you are curious about the brands’ grade of sustainability 

    A group of researchers conducted a report called the 2019 ethical fashion report, where they grade many brands based on their sustainability, transparency, worker environment, etc.

    P.S. It is exciting, and it’s worth checking out. Some brands are sustainable and ethical others are just either ethical or sustainable. That’s why I will mention both and explain to you which is which.u003cbru003e 

    16 Sustainable and Ethical Brands for Petite Women

    1. Elieen Fisher


    Eileen Fisher is an American brand that is a leader in sustainability and ethics for many years.

    Size range: PP-LP

    2. Petite Studio

    petite studio sustainable brand

    Petite Studio is an ethical American brand.

    They care about their labor and give back to the community.

    Size range: 000P- 12P

    3. Reformation

    reformation brand

    Reformation is an American brand that is ethical and sustainable on many levels.

    Their overall rating is Good.

    Size range: 0p-12p

    4. Warp +Weft

    warp + weft petite sustainable brand

    Warp + Weft is an American sustainable and ethical brand.

    The World’s Cleanest Vertically Integrated Denim Company

    Size range: 00P-14P

    5. Boden

    boden petite sustainable

    Boden is an American brand that is ethical and sustainable. Also, it is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

    Size range: XS-XL

    6. Christy Dawn

    Christy Dawn is an American company the has a GREATE rating in sustainability because it uses eco-friendly materials.

    Size range: P-XS

    7. Seasalt Cornwall

    Seasalt is a British sustainable brand
    Size range: 6-18 in the petite category

    8. Levi’s

    levi's denim sustainable brand

    Levi’s is well known American denim brand, they are not 100 percent sustainable, but they have a collection produced in sustainable standards.

    Size range Waist 23-34, Length 26-34 in petite jeans

    9. Burberry

    Burberry luxury sustainable brand

    Burberry is a British luxury brand. and according to the independent article, it is the most sustainable luxurious brand

    Size range: XXXS-XXL

    10. Marks Spencer

    marks and spencer sustainable brand

    Marks Spencer is a British retailer store.

    They are cruelty-free and use eco-friendly materials, which makes them a sustainable Size range: 6P – 18P

    11. Ecopetites

    ecopetites clothes

    Ecopetites is an American ethical brand that focuses on petite clothing for women.
    Size range: XXSP-XLP

    12. Everlane

    ethical everlane store

    Everlane is An American retailer that is striving for sustainability and ethicality.

    Also, they aim to produce the most sustainable clothing collection.

    Size range: 00-12

    13. Only Child

    sustainable only child brand

    Only Child is an American brand that is sustainable.

    They use natural fibers, and they make their clothing line locally.

    Size range: 00-28

    14. Les Petites ambitious

    ethical french brand for petite

    Les Petites ambitious is a French brand that is sustainable and ethical.

    They use quality fabrics that last longer and use an ethical workshop to make their garments.

    Size range: XXS-XL

    15. H&M

    H&M is a Swedish multinational brand with a sustainably produced collection, which is called Conscious.

    Size range: 0P-14P

    16. Cimelia

    ethical brands for petite women

    CIMELIA is a SWISS clothing brand that is dedicated to petite women.

    It is Sustainable and ethical in terms of their clothing line production and dealing with their workers.
    Size range: 0-10

    Does shopping ethically make a difference?
    I really would like to know your opinion about that!

    This list will be updated regularly. In case I missed any sustainable petite brand, please let me know; thanks

    P.S Don’t miss this awesome ultimate guide for clothing stores that sell petite fashion clothes  

    sustainable brands fashion

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