15 approved habits for healthy skin and youthful look

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    Having a Healthy clear skin is every women’s dream, and to achieve that, we have to pay attention to our daily habits and lifestyle.

    Many things around us affect our skin health, whether we eat, drink, touch, or apply to our skin.

    We have to be aware of everything that might damage our skin and keep building good habits to promote our skin health.

    Here is a list of healthy skin habits that you can develop and build over time to maintain healthy Glowing Skin.

    Don’t get overwhelmed by the big list, and I think many of these tips you are already applying.

    Even if you are not applying anything, that’s okay. At least you get an idea and be aware of everything related to Your Skin

    Developing healthy habits for your skincare or anything in your life is the key to success and achieving the best results.

    There are many ways you can use to start developing any habits that you want.

    I will suggest you one strategy that you hope you find useful and easy to apply.

    According to scientists, it takes three weeks to form or break a new habit, which is doable for any easy pattern.

    So decide which habit you want to develop first, then keep doing it and add more tips with time.

    habits for healthy skin

    habits for healthy skin

    1. Drink Water

    Sufficient Water intake is no-brainer information because I always hear that water is the key to beautiful clear skin, but while I am writing this post, I needed to research to lay out the fact and guess what?

    Water Is necessary to keep your whole body hydrated and the bloodstream flows, but there is not enough research supporting the claim that drinking water will improve your skin health!

    I was shocked, to be honest, but on the other hand, many beauty gurus swear by how water is essential to achieve clear skin, including Huda, the beauty guru.

    She doubled her water intake for a week and got healthier skin with this experiment!

    2. Sleep Well

    Sleeping from 7 to 9 hours at night is essential to have healthy skin.
    And that is because the skin is protecting itself from sun exposure, dust, light, etc., during waking hours, and the best time to restore and regenerate itself is while you are asleep.

    According to the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology,
    Your skin will get these benefits when you sleep :
    moisturizes the skin
    produce collagen, which is the protein that will keep your skin youthful and plump.
    helps Skin recover from the hours that you were awake.
    it will not get wrinkled.

    3. Wash your makeup before you sleep

    As I mentioned, your skin’s best time to rest and regenerate is while you are sleeping.

    if you are sleeping with Makeup, and there is no chance for your skin to recover or even breath

    Makeup will clog your pores and probably has chemical ingredients that will damage your skin anyway.

    So, it is essential to wash your face no matter what because your skin deserves to rest.

    4. Eat Healthy Foods

    When I was living on junk food, my skin got acne breakouts, and I wondered why that is?!

    Surprisingly, it was from the bad food that I was eating.

    Bad food affects our body’s skin too!

    Try to have better and healthy food choices for your skin, such as vegetables, fruits, good carbs, and cutting sugar and bad carbs.

    Check out the best healthy foods that are suggested by the Mayo Clinic medical center.

    5. Use the best quality skin products

    Developing a skincare routine is a must, but it is overwhelming for beginners.

    If you want a comfortable way, check this post for a short yet effective skincare routine.

    Also, Makeup, skincare, and any cremes that you apply to your skin ensure that they have good quality and skin type.

    Many makeup brands and skincare companies exist that have high-quality products at a lower price.

    Do not get tempted and cheap products because they contain many chemicals that will significantly damage your skin.

    6. Sleep on a silk pillow case

    Many natural beauty experts suggest that silk will absorb less moisture from your skin.

    They also claim that silk is antibacterial like other fabrics, which prevents acne, so if you never tried sleeping on silk, give it a chance because it is soft anyway!

    7. Manage your stress levels

    Stress is a significant factor in damaging our souls, organs, and skin.

    Life can be stressful sometimes, and we all have our ups and downs, but we have to put it under control.

    Many ways will help you overcome any stressful situation like exercising, breathing, yoga, relaxing, etc.

    8. Quit Smoking

    Smoking or any kind of drug is terrible for the lungs and skin.

    Smokers usually look older than they are, having more wrinkles, dark circles, and dull le skin.

    What’s more, smoking will probably cause lung and skin cancer.

    9. Moisturize your skin

    This is a fundamental and vital step to do.

    Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing your skin at least twice a day is essential to keep it more hydrated and protected.

    10. Use Sun Protection

    You have to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

    The ultraviolet light will damage the skin by making it age so quickly and causes burns.

    Not only that, but also, the risk of getting skin cancer is high when you expose your skin to the sun without applying any sunscreen.

    healthy skincare products

    11. Apply Facial Mask

    Pamper yourself and add to your skincare routine a facial mask and do it once a week.

    This will boost and maintain your skin’s health.

    Many face masks are available in the market and if you like DIY like me, check this fantastic turmeric face mask recipe that you can make it easily in your kitchen.

    Also, the natural rice water toner that makes your face smile 🙂

    12. Take Vitamins for your skin

    Even if you eat right, your vitamins and mineral in your body will fluctuate. Some will maintain their level, and for others, it’s hard to control.

    Beauty Vitamins will help your skin get what it needs, such as vitamin D, E, C, and K.

    You can read more about skin necessary vitamins and their function here.

    13. Don’t underestimate the effect of “Facial Message.”

    The facial massage is getting popular, and everyone swears by its excellent results.

    But what it does to your face?

    It relaxes your face muscles, reduces wrinkles, control acne breakouts, improves skin glow, and much more!

    There are many kinds and techniques that you can use for your facial massage, and don worry, you can do it by yourself with the help of many exercises and videos that are available and free across the web.

    Check out this video that I tried, and I really like it because it is an easy technique and effective.

    14. Do not touch your acne

    If you have acne or pimples, go to your dermatologist or treat it yourself if you know what causes them to appear.

    Just remember that touching or popping your acne will spread out the bacteria and infect other areas of your skin.

    15. Facial hair removal

    There are many ways to get rid of your facial hair, such as threading, sugaring, waxing, and razor.

    We all have different skin types. Therefore, pay attention to which method you want to use when removing your facial hair.

    For me, I tried everything waxing burned my skin, and sugaring is not suitable for all face areas, Razo makes my hair grows the next day, and threading is my favorite way to remove my facial hair.

    Finally, i think that those healthy habits for the skin are fairly easiy to develop with time. You only have to recognize that most of these habits are also for your whole body, not just your skin, which is something great!

    Whats more, you will forget about going to dermatologist or facial expert to spend your money for an injections of botox or any other chemical treatments that you can easily avoid by just maintaing healthy skin habits.

    How many skin tips are you already applying? Let us know if you have more than what I mention here. 

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    1. Jessica

      Such great advice! You’re so right about stress affecting our skin. I struggle with this every August through May. (I’m a teacher.)

      • DEEM

        Thanks, Jessica! You are not alone. Keep up the healthy habits!


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