11 Best Summer Dresses that Hide Tummy and Flatter Your Body

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    Looking for the best summer dresses that hide tummy? I got you covered!

    Summer is not only a bikini season but also a time of the year when you want to wear flowy colorful summer dresses that keep you cool, gorgeous on your body, and fashionable.
    If you are worried that your options are limited when dressing for summer because you have belly fat that is bothering you, you are wrong.
    Your options to find the best summer dresses that hide your tummy are limitless.
    So if you are looking for such dresses hang in there because in this post I will list the best summer dresses that will make you look slimmer, fashionable, comfy, and won’t focus on your belly fat.

    Also, a few tips that will help you when shopping for such dresses.
    These types of dresses are available everywhere in different colors patterns and materials so keep them in your mind when you shop so that you will find what suits your body easily.

    11 Best Flattering Summer Dresses to Hide your Tummy

    1. Empire Dress

    empire waist dress
    Best summer dresses that hide tummy
    Best summer dresses that hide belly

    Empire dresses are so feminine and cute to wear on any body shape.

    They are made to be tight or a bit loose-fitting from the bust and draped down to the bottom which will make you look slimmer and taller.
    This type of silhouette is gorgeous because it focuses on your bust and shoulder areas while hiding the rest of your torso and hips.
    Many stunning empire dresses are in many colors and prints that you can choose from.
    But the only thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing an empire dress, is the fabric.
    Make sure that the fabric is light and draped nicely because if the fabric is stiff m you will look boxy and bulky.

    2. Shift Dress

    The shift dress is a simple dress that hangs from the shoulders to the bottom loosely.
    It is perfect for the summer because it is short in length, comfy to wear, stylish, and never goes out of style.
    Because of its loose-fitting, your body will stay cool.

    3. Ruched Dress

    ruched red dress
    ruched white dress
    lepored dress
    ruched dress hides belly fat

    If you are in the mood to wear a tight sexy dress then you should probably try the ruched dress style.

    A ruched dress is a gathered pleated fabric from the dress so that it conceals your tummy with these cute pleats and adds a slimming illusion effect to your body.

    It will accentuate your waist, hide your tummy, shows your curves, and transform your body into an hourglass shape.
    you can find ruched dresses in many styles and different lengths so you have to experiment to find what looks best on you.

    I recommend that you try a jersey fabric ruched dress so that it will make you comfortable and won’t add weight to your body.

    4. Wrap Dress

    wrap dress
    wrap yellow dress
    floral wrap dress hide tummy

    Wrap dresses without a doubt are the perfect type of dress to hide belly fat and suit all body shapes.
    They are comfy and a statement piece that you must have in your wardrobe.
    You can find many styles of wrap dresses that you can choose from but make sure to avoid wrap dresses with a wide belt which most likely shorten your torso and draw more focus to your tummy area.

    5. Peplum Dress

    peplum white dress
    yellow peplum dress
    stiped dress hide tummy

    Another tight dress option that hides your tummy is a peplum dress.

     It is elegant, chic, and suitable for cocktail parties, business events, or special occasions.

    6. Yoki Dress

    yoki dress
    yoki dress hide belly
    yoki gingham dress
    floral mini dress

    Yoki dress is one of the best dresses that hide your tummy.

    it is a dress that has tucks or gathered fabrics above your breast area.
    It is so cute, simple, and perfect to hide your tummy, love handles, and hips because it has a loose-fitting from above your bust down to the bottom.

    7. Tent Dress

    tent dress
    tent purple dress
    yellow tent dress

    Tent dresses are like a real tent in terms of their shape.
    They don’t have darts or any tight areas and they are very wide.

    Also, they are perfect to wear when you want to go to the beach or as a coverup

    8. Loose Bohemian Dress

    floral loose dress
    loose dress
    white bohemian dress

    If you are a fan of bohemian hippie style then this dress is definitely for you.
    Bohemian dresses are stunning and give a gorgeous summery vibe with their exotic retro prints, neutral, vibrant colors in a cool lightweight fabric.


    9. Kaftan

    red kaftan

    Kaftan is a loose-fitted garment with long or short flowing sleeves.

    It is a really popular type of dress among many cultures and has developed and is manufactured in different lengths, colors, and fabrics.
    Moreover, It has a unique style and what makes it perfect for summer is that it is flowy and loose.

    You can wear it with belts or without depending on your preference.

    10. Ruffle Dress

    ruffle print dress
    blue ruffle dress
    ruffle dress

    Ruffles are cute details that are attached in dresses and tops.
    Some dresses are designed with ruffles that hide your tummy and are very flattering.
    They are one of the best summer dresses that hide tummy but some of them have many ruffled with long layers and others have a few short layers of ruffles so you have to give it a try and choose what fits your body and hide your tummy in the first place.

    11. Print Dress

    floral print dress
    best summer dress to hide tummy
    print drss hide tummy

    Dresses with prints are so fun to wear and they don’t give much of a focus on your tummy area.

    You can find a wrap print dress, loose print dresses, or any loose-fitting silhouette that is in beautiful vibrant prints.

    2 Tips When Shopping for a Summer Dress that Hide your Tummy

    Two main things are important to be in a summer dress that will hide your belly which are:
    1. Fabrics:

    It is essential to pick flowy lightweight fabric to drape nicely on your body and keep you cool in the hot weather.
    2. Colors:

    Prints will hide your tummy and other areas of your body.
    Also, it is a rule of thumb that the darker the color your wear, the more it hides your body’s details.

    Therefore, if you have a big tummy and want to hide it as much as you can, then you have to choose dark colors and prints which give the illusion that you are slimmer too.
    Don’t be afraid of wearing black or dark colors in summer because there are many cool summer dresses made with dark colors and colorful prints.


    These are the type of dress silhouettes that you can enjoy wearing in summer that make you look slimmer, fashionable, and most importantly, hide your tummy.
    If  you are intimidated by some of them and you might think that they won’t look good on you, give them a try because by experimenting and trying different dresses styles you will discover more options that suit your body and make you comfortable
    What’s your favorite dress to hide your tummy?

    11 Best Summer Dresses that Hide Tummy and Flatter your Body

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