11 Best Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder – All Purpose Must Have Item

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    I’m assuming that you are an enthusiastic Yogi, Gymaholic, or like to do outdoor activities that make looking for the best gym bag with yoga mat holder!
    Who doesn’t like to invest in a two-one product?  Many products have all-purpose features, Meaning that they have two functionalities that you can use, which is cost-effective.
    A gym bag with a yoga mat holder is a two-one product that is super useful, practical, saves you space, and is easy to carry around.
    You can store your clothes, workout gear, snacks, shoes, and whatever you want in the bag while you have another specific place for your yoga mat, and that is a must-have product because it is simply convenient and will make your life easier!
    Some yoga mat comes with straps others don’t, and you might lose it at some point.
    On the other hand,  some gym bags without yoga mat holders will not be useful when you go to your yoga class.
    Therefore, a gym bag with a yoga mat holder is versatile; you can that you can carry it to your gym or yoga class, but also you can take it wherever you want to do other outdoor activities such as camping, walking, or even having a picnic.
    There are many cute and efficient gym bag with yoga mat holder that I will list them in this post to find the one!

    11 Best Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder

    1. Y.U.M.C Travel Yoga Gym Bag for Women

    best gym bag with yoga mat holder

    This bag has it all. It is made of waterproof linen fabric, which makes it perfect for all outdoor activities, contains a spacious place to store your workout gear and whatever you want, plus it has two large pockets and a separate shoe compartment.

    What’s more, it has a yoga strap that is big enough to hold even thick yoga mats.

    It comes with a 1-Year Warranty and lifetime customer service.
    Size: Large and small. 12.24 x 11.22 x 3.94 inches

    Color: black, gray, and orange

    2. AURORAE Multipurpose Yoga Mat/Gym Bag

    best gym bag with yoga mat holder amazon

    This gym bag with yoga mat holder by Aurorae is perfect for both women and men.
    I consider this bag is, and it is a three in one product! Because it is perfect for hiking too!
    It is for backpackers fans who like to carry their stuff this way, such as hikers, and it is super helpful and practical because of its excellent features, which are:
    Firstly: It is a backpack which is comfortable to carry because all its weight will be distributed on your shoulders so that you won’t have back problems in future,  unlike shoulder bags which sometimes can be too heavy and might cause you shoulder, back, neck problems.

    Secondly: this gym bag has yoga mat straps made of heavy Polyester, which can secure any yoga mat that is 5 pounds or less effectively.
    Thirdly: This gym bag has pockets and large compartments so you can save your things separately.

    Finally, it comes with a two-year guarantee.

    Bag size: 12 x 7 x 19 inches

    Color: 6 stunning colors: blue, ebony, green stripe, gray, purple, and purple stripe.

    3. CH.yishi Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder

    gym bag with yoga mat holder

    This bag is made of nylon material that is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

    What I like about it is that it has a large compartment where you can store your shoes or dirty stuff in it separately.

    Also, it is budget-friendly and has yoga mat straps that are adjustable to any size.

    Size : 7”x9”x6”

    Color: Purple 

    4. ESVAN Yoga Mat Tote Bag

    yoga mat tote bag

    The ESVAN yoga tote bag looks like any other regular tote bag that you carry to your work, vacations, school, or other activities.
    It looks nice and simple tote bag once you see it, but there is much more into it!
    It is a tote bag that you can use for different workout classes and has a hidden yoga mat holder space!
    This bag is spacious so that you can store everything you want and is made of lightweight fabric with high-quality material.

    Also, it has two large mesh side pockets, one large compartment on the back, and one open pocket for the yoga mat.

    Size: 3 x 2 x 1 inches

    Color: It is available in over 6 cute, stylish patterns that garb attention!

    5. UIYTR Gym Bag and Yoga Mat Holder

    gym bag and yoga

    This is a simple gym bag with yoga mat holder that is made with waterproof Polyester.
    It has a shoe compartment that is made with holes to keep the airflow and your bag’s smell fresh all day.
    The straps are adjustable, and you can remove them to carry the bag with your hands.

    Size: 25*48*21, which is perfect for daily use and has a lifetime warranty.

    Color: black, blue, pink

    6. OYSHO Yoga Gym Bag

    oysho gym bag

    One of my favorite brands is Oysho because of its cute yet high-quality items.
    This yoga gym cool bag is made of nylon and Polyester and is perfect if you don’t have a lot of stuff to carry with you.
    It has only one main storage space and a separate place to carry your yoga mat.
    Also, it has short handles and a long removable strap.


    Size: 40 x 45 x 12cm

    Color: Mink

    7. TRANSIENCE Yoga Bag

    gym and yoga bag
    black gym bag

    This black scuba yoga bag by transience is also considered a multi-purpose back that you can carry to your gym class or any outdoors.
    It is a unique, chic, and smart, high-quality, spacious bag with straps to hold your yoga mat above or below the actual bag.

    This bag becomes flat when it’s empty, making it an ideal item that saves you a lot of space.

    Also, it is water-resistant and made of Black Neoprene and waterproof lining.

    Size: W 27″ x H 10″ x D 14.75″
    Color: black

    8. RX Active Fit Versatile Gym/Yoga Tote Bag

    gym yoga mat holder bag

    RX Active Fit is an awesome brand that has many items for both women and men related to a healthy lifestyle.
    What’s more, they have the best gym bag with yoga mat holder with a wide slot that you can unzip and fit even a thick mat.
    This bag has two mesh pockets on the sides and also another inside two pockets.
    Size: 14 1/2″ W x 16″ H x 5 1/2″ D

    Color: Gray

    9. ALO City Zen Duffle Gym/Yoga Bag

    gym carrier

    I like this gym bag because it is chic, large, and multi-purpose that is not only for workouts but also for a lovely weekend trip.
    This is a fantastic bag that is large enough to carry your workout gear, clothes, and food.
    It has stretchy front straps that hold your yoga mat.
    Also, it has four pockets in total, and it is made with nylon material.
    In addition, it has a large space on the bottom compartment that fits all your dirty or wet stuff.

    Size: 11.5″ x 20.25″ x 9.5″

    Color: Black

    10. Just Breath Weekender Duffle and Yoga Bag

    yoga and gym black bag

    This is a tote bag with beautiful leather trims that serve multi-purposes.
    You can use it to work, short trips and of course to gym/yoga class.
    It has a water-resistant pocket which is the perfect place to put your wet clothes.

    Also, it has a yoga mat place which is the front vertical zippers.

    Size: It is available in black, and the size is Height – 37cm Length – 56cm

    Color: Black

    11. LORDDREAM Yoga Gym Bag

    gym bag

    This is one of the best gym bags with a yoga mat holder because of many things.
    It is budget-friendly, and you can find it at Walmart.
    Also, it is a lightweight waterproof bag with quality material which is oxford cloth.

    Oxford cloth is cotton mixed with nylon and Rayan, which requires less care than other materials because it is durable and resistant to potential damages.
    Size 48*24*19cm
    Color: pink, purple, green, blue, rose red


    These are the best gym bags with yoga mat holders that I consider essential, functional, and all-purpose must-have items for active women who like the gym and outdoor activities.

    It saves you space and serves multi-purposes for all your activities, and is available at different prices to suit all budgets.
    With that said, even if you are not a yogi person, this bag is still multifunctional, and you can use it for your travels or carry a mat to sit on it in a beautiful park.
    In this list, I included all different styles, colors, and budgets so that hopefully, you can find what you are looking for.
    In my opinion, this bag is a wise investment to save you some space and serve you for many occasions.

    What’s your favorite gym bag?

    best gym bag with yoga mat holder

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