1 Hack for the Best Rice Water for Face Recipe

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    I tried rice water for face recipe and can’t wait to share my accidental experience with all of you that let you get radiant, healthy skin!

    A few days ago, I met my sister, and her skin amazed me! It is glowing, clear, and very healthy, not like before when it was dry and dull.

    I am knocking on wood while writing this ha-ha.

    So I asked her immediately what did you do? What is your secret? I know you do not spend money on skincare crèmes or treatments! She said I am just using rice water!

    I was very shocked because I never thought that it could have a significant change to the skin.

    Before getting into the details about how her simple yet effective rice water recipe, let me explain to you rice benefits for your skin

    rice benefits for skin

    Rice Properties:

    Rice itself contains many menials, fibers, and vitamins that are very beneficial to your body, such as magnesia, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and much more.

    Not only is that, but a number of these vitamins and minerals useful when used on your skin.

    Rice Vitamins and Minerals that are Responsible for Your Skin Health are:

    1. Antioxidants like folic acid; which is responsible for anti-aging.

    2. Eight forms of Vitamin “B”s that boost your skin health and freshness.

    3. Vitamin E is responsible for protecting skin cells from ultra-violate sun radiation damages and aging.

    4. Selenium treats skin cells before it gets wrinkles.

    5. Potassium plays a role in nutrient the skin.

    6. Magnesium treats the skin from eczema, acne, and inflammation.

    7. Fibers.

    8. Iron for skin glow.

    9. Zinc for treating acne or scars.
    you can find a more interesting analysis of  what rice contains 

    White rice vs. Brown rice:

    If you are wondering what rice will give you a better result, the answer will be both!
    They share the same vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are related to skin benefits.

    Remember here that I am talking from only a skincare perspective, not your body nutrition.

    Homemade Rice Water vs. Factory Made:

    Homemade rice water’s main advantage is that it is super easy to make at home with no extra expenses; the factory-made will cost you more.

    Another big difference is that homemade rice water is 100% natural, but the factory-made will contain some fragrances, brightening formulas, and other chemicals.

    It is true might see it as an attractive option and will benefit your skin, but if you got one and ran out of it, this recipe will save your skincare routine.

    5 Rice Water for Face Skin Benefits: 

    Based on what I have mentioned above, after using rice water, you will most likely have:

    1. A healthy and glowing skin.

    2. Less acne and pigmentation.

    3. Reduced wrinkles.

    4. Skin brightening.

    5. Instant Skin tightening.

    6. Closed pores.

    Impressive benefits and all it is from natural ingredients that you have in your kitchen!

    HOWEVER, if you want these results, you have to consider a few things:

    As a rule of thumb, test it first whenever you want to apply anything to your skin.
    Your skin face has sensitive tissues, and you do not want to cause more damage to it.

    1. Soak a piece of cotton in the rice water mixture, apply it to one area on your face, then wait for a maximum of one hour to check your skin reaction. I hope that it will act just fine.
    2. Consistency is vital when using any product and want to get the best result! Just be patient and consistent with having flawless skin.
    3. Never replace your sunscreen with rice water. Although it can protect your skin from the sun, its protection is minimal and not as effective compared to other sunscreen.
    4. Watch your diet and make sure to have your daily water intake. All these measures will help you reach your goal faster.

    5. Cook the rice or Give it to the cute birds!

    Rice Water Side Effects on Face:

    No considerable side effects. It is very safe and healthy since it has only one natural pure ingredient, which is RICE!

    What Do you Need for Preparing Rice Water for Face Recipe:

    Equipment to use:

    * One bowl or cup

    * Small jar or spray bottle

    * Cotton pad


    * 1/3 cup of Rice
    * 1 cup of water

    The 1 HACK for the recipe is that the rice water has to be FERMENTED

    Fermented Rice Water Recipe:

    Put the rice in a bowl or a cup and add water to cover it, and let it soak in the fridge for one night.

    You want the water to absorb all the vitamins and menials from the rice.

    The next day, filter the rice water and pour it into a jar and close it or a bottle spray! As simple as that.

    rice water toner

    How to Use Rice Water on Your Skin:

    You can use it as you are using your skin toner.

    Twice a day in the mornings and nights.

    Spray or soak a piece of cotton in the rice water and rub it on your face and neck.

    Your neck is part of the process of getting a flawless unified skin tone.

    My own experience when I used rice water as a toner for over a month now:

    * Instant tightening
    * Glow
    * Slight brightening

    Below are the questions and answers that crossed my mind when planning to use this recipe myself. 

    What about my skin routine? Where does this step fit?

    It will be the next step after you washing your face.
    You can leave it and sleep on it or go ahead and continue your regular skincare routine.

    Where to store it?

    It has to be in the fridge all the time.

    How many days will it last?

    4  to 7 days maximum, but you can figure this out by its smell. 

    If it happens, you forget to keep track of how many days your rice water is stored; it’s okay! You can quickly check its condition by its smell. If it has a bad smell, you have to make a new patch right away.

    When can we see the results?

    It depends on your skin type other factors.

    Each of us has a different skin type, routine, diet, etc., all of that contributes to boosting our skin condition.

    Because the recipe is pure, natural, it might take you some time to show all its benefits.

    Once I tried it, I felt the skin tightening and glow immediately, while other benefits took me a while.

    So if you are looking for glowy, healthy, clear skin and all benefits that I mentioned above, keep using the best rice water for face recipes daily, be patient, enjoy the process, and have fun!

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